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ACS 5.3/5.2 Backup Options

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Updated: Aug 15, 2012

Contributed by Dragana Radmilo, Cisco TAC Engineer.



The Access Control Server (ACS) 5.3/5.2 provides various backup options. This document provides a summary of these options.



Cisco recommends that you have knowledge of these topics:

  • ACS running 5.3/5/2 version

Components Used

The information in this document is based on these hardware and software versions.

  • ACS running 5.3/5.2 version

  • ACS configured with the repository

The ACS is divided into two parts: Configuration and Logging. Both parts are backed up separately using the CLI or the GUI.


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Configuration Backup from GUI

System Administration > Operations > Distributed System Management

  • This allows you to run an immediate backup on any instance that you select.

  • Here you have the option of backing up the ACS configuration, or both the ACS configuration and the ADE-OS.


System Administration > Operations > Scheduled Backups

  • This allows you to schedule a backup to occur at the desired time/date.

  • Here you are only backing up the ACS configuration.


ACS View/Logging Backup

This is accessible via Monitoring Configuration > System Operations > Data Management > Removal and Backup. The database that contains the ACS AAA logs is known as the “View Database”.

Three options exist:

  • Data Purging

    This setting allows you to delete data from the view database. The value to select from the drop-down box is number of months of data you would like to keep in the Monitoring and Report View database.

  • View Full Database Backup Now

    This allows you to run an immediate backup.

  • Scheduled View Database backup

    This allows you to schedule the time and date of incremental view-database backups and/or full view-database backups.


This section of the ACS 5.3 configuration guide has a good description of how the purging and backups of the AAA logs work, and at what stages the purge is supposed to take place:

Configuring Data Purging and Incremental Backup

ACS Configuration Backup from CLI

The GUI is most likely going to be the place where you will create and schedule backups. However, if you want to run backup commands from the CLI, these are the commands you can use.

Note: The information provided in each link for the details of what is backed up with each command:

In order to backup only the ACS configuration, use the acs backup command:

acs backup backup-filename repository repository-name

In order to backup the ACS configuration and the ADE OS data, use the backup command:

backup backup-name repository repository-name

In order to backup the system logs (not the view database), use the backup-logs command:

backup-logs backup-name repository repository-name

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Updated: Aug 15, 2012
Document ID: 113639