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Field Notice: FN-62075 Newer European Intel Dialogics May Fail When Installed

June 10, 2005

Products Affected



HW Rev



Cisco Document Reference Name: D/120JCT-Euro Rev 2



Cisco Document Reference Name: D/41JCT-Euro


Problem Description

The "Intel" and "Dialogic" names are the property of Intel.

The introduction of the newer UNITY-D/120U-EU2 has resulted in two issues that may result in non-functioning Unity systems.

  1. New versions of the Intel Dialogic boards may not be installed in the same server as older versions of the Intel Dialogic boards. Specifically, the UNITY-D/41U-EU will not operate when an newer UNITY-D/120U-EU2 is installed as well.

  2. Replacing a defective UNITY-D/120U-EU (D120JCTLSEUROU) with a newer UNITY-D/120U-EU2 (D120JCTLSUEU2) requires additional parameter (.PRM) files in order to function.

See the Products Affected section for the specific boards this Field Notice applies to.

Additional Information:

New installs of Unity 4.0(5)(not upgrades) are fully compatible with the D/120U-EU2 because this release has the appropriate .PRM files.

Upgrades to Unity 4.0(5) from earlier 4.0 releases will require that the .PRM files be downloaded and installed.


From the Intel Website:

QLSLAC manufacturer has discontinued production of the 5 volt device. This event has required a board redesign to accept the new 3.3 volt QLSLAC. New board assembly incorporates a 3.3 volt version of QLSLAC in place of 5 volt version and changes the micro-controller to provide timing required for the 3.3 volt QLSLAC. Additionally a change of the front end protection fuses on the Daughter board from 1-1/4 Amp to 1/2 Amp has been implemented.

For more details, review the Product Change Notification 104823 - 00 on the Intel Website.

Refer to the Supported Voice Cards section of the Cisco Unity System Requirements page to view the supported card combinations. This web page has been updated to include the UNITY-D/120U-EU2.

For additional details related to this issue, download and read the DialogicD120JCTEuro.Readme.pdf (registered customers only) file available on See this Field Notice's Workaround/Solution section for information on downloading this file.

Problem Symptoms

There are two symptoms possible depending on whether you are installing a UNITY-D/120U-EU2 or replacing an UNITY-D/120U-EU with an UNITY-D/120U-EU2.

Installing the UNITY-D/120U-EU2 for the first time:

You may have to obtain new parameter files from the Intel web site. Refer to the Background section of this field notice. In addition to new paramter software, the UNITY-D/120U-EU2 must never be installed with UNITY-D/41JCTU-EU. Installing these two modules together will result in failure of both cards. The only card that Cisco supports for interoperation with the UNITY-D/41JCTU-EU is another UNITY-D/41JCTU-EU and the UNITY-D/120U-EU.

Replacing an UNITY-D/120U-EU with an UNITY-D/120U-EU2:

The UNITY-D/120U-EU2 requires additional parameter files than the UNITY-D/41JCTU-EU. Without these additional files, the UNITY-D/41JCTU-EU2 will fail to operate. These additional parameter files may be downloaded from




Do not co-install a UNITY-D/120U-EU2 (D120JCTLSUEU2) with a UNITY-D/41U-EU (D41JCTLSEU). There is no option or mitigation.


If you replace a UNITY-D/120U-EU (D120JCTLSEUROU) with a UNITY-D/120U-EU2 (D120JCTLSUEU2), obtain the appropriate software from See "How to obtain .PRM files" below.



There is no solution. The UNITY-D/120U-EU2 (D120JCTLSUEU2) with a UNITY-D/41U-EU (D41JCTLSEU) cannot co-reside in the same server.


If you replace a UNITY-D/120U-EU (D120JCTLSEUROU) with a UNITY-D/120U-EU2 (D120JCTLSUEU2), obtain the appropriate software from CIsco's website. See "How to obtain .PRM files" below.

How to obtain PRM files:

  • On a secure server, go to the Other Unity Components (registered customers only) software download page.

  • Click the file DialogicD120JCTEuro.exe.

  • When the download is complete, copy the file DialogicD120JCTEuro.exe to the Cisco Unity server.

  • On the Cisco Unity server, in Windows Explorer, double-click DialogicD120JCTEuro.exe.

  • Follow the on-screen prompts to extract the following three files to the directory Commserver\Dialogic\Data




  • Right-click the Cisco Unity icon in the status area of the taskbar, and click Stop Cisco Unity.

  • On the Windows Start menu, click Programs > Dialogic System Software > Dialogic Configuration Manager - DCM.

  • On the Dialogic Configuration Manager Service menu, click Stop Service.

  • On the Dialogic Configuration Manager Service menu, click Start Service.

  • Stopping and restarting the service forces the Rev 2 card(s) to download the updated .prm files.

Table of downloadable files as it appears on the Downloads page for Other Unity Components.


Cisco recommends reading the DialogicD120JCTEuro.Readme.pdf (registered customers only) file before implementing the workarounds recommended in this Field Notice.

For More Information

If you require further assistance, or if you have any further questions regarding this field notice, please contact the Cisco Systems Technical Assistance Center (TAC) by one of the following methods:

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