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Field Notice: PA-A3-OC12, MM or SMI, Experiences Resets in Combination with Certain VIPs and Under High Load Conditions

November 14, 2003

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Rev C0 and Higher are ok




Rev C0 and Higher are ok




Rev C0 and Higher are ok




Rev C0 and Higher are ok

Problem Description

High traffic loads, around 200 M bit/sec, on interfaces with revisions A0 or B0 of PA-A3-OC12, MM or SMI, in combination with HW rev 2.04, board revision A0, B0 and B1 for VIP4-50 or VIP4-80 can cause the Port Adapter to reset and stop passing traffic. The command show interface atmx/y will display all output queue drops in addition to the messages in the system and versatile interface processor (VIP) log, as shown in the symptoms section in this Field Notice.


Thought to be a flaw in manufacturing, a borderline voltage on a phase-locked-loop (PLL) line was found to cause unpredictable behavior of an ASIC. A 3.3volt (V) sensor was multi-sourced and both parts were not electrically equivalent, failing part was removed from board.

Problem Symptoms

Failing Combinations

PA-A3-OC12MM/SMI: HW rev 2.00, Board revision A0 or B0


VIP4-50 or VIP4-80: HW rev 2.04, Board revision A0, B0 and B1

The error message will look resemble:

00:18:12: %ATMPA-0-BATMANERROR: misc_cntl_reg 0x38663866.
Resetting the OC12 PA...

On the Versatile Interface Processor (VIP) the following error will be displayed:

00:20:16: %ATMPA-3-SAROP: RX SAR doing CM622_RX_CMD_UPDATE_COUNTERS error:
command indication time-out  


Use version C0 or higher for the Port Adapters PA-A3-OC12, MM or SMI, when used with board revision A0, B0 and B1 for VIP4-50 or VIP4-80.

Submit a return materials autorization (RMA) Port Adapter only upon failure, do not submit an RMA the VIP.

The workaround is to clear the interface until the errors happen again.

A shut, no shut command can be used, or using clear int atm xxx will work also.


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CSCeb64768 (registered customers only)

How To Identify Hardware Levels

Example Show Diag output:

Slot 0:
Physical slot 0, ~physical slot 0xF, logical slot 0, CBus 0
Microcode Status 0x4
Master Enable, LED, WCS Loaded
Board is analyzed 
Pending I/O Status: None
EEPROM format version 1
VIP4-80 RM7000 controller, FRU: VIP4-80=, HW rev 2.03, board revision A0
Serial number: 23274744 Part number: 73-3143-06
Test history: 0x00 RMA number: 00-00-00
Flags: cisco 7000 board; 7500 compatible

EEPROM contents (hex):
0x20: 01 22 02 03 01 63 24 F8 49 0C 47 06 00 00 00 00
0x30: 50 33 37 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

Slot database information:
Flags: 0x4 Insertion time: 0x4174 (1w6d ago)

Controller Memory Size: 64 MBytes CPU SDRAM, 64 MBytes Packet SDRAM

PA Bay 0 Information:
OC-12 ATM SMI Port Adaptor, 1 ports, FRU: PA-A3-OC12SMI=
EEPROM format version 1
HW rev 2.00, Board revision B0
Serial number: 24003796 Part number: 73-3311-02  

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