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Field Notice: SSCOP Stuck in Reset State and no Connections Can Be Routed over the Link after a switchcc

February 5, 2003

Products Affected




Loaded with 3.0.20 and configured for NNI on affected port


Loaded with 3.0.20 and configured for NNI on affected port

Problem Description

SSCOP stuck in reset state on both sides of an NNI link in networks with network Clock Distribution protocol (NCDP) enabled.


The node should have NCDP-enabled ports. Enable the NCDP using cnfncdp -distributionMode 1 if it is not enabled, then issue the switchcccommand

Note:? The problem may not always occur.

Problem Symptoms

Use the command dspsscops on the affected switch. Below is an example of hung SSCOP and a functioning SSCOP.

1 LPID: 16848897 PPID: 1:1.1:1 LnkSt: Reset State <===== Hung
2 LPID: 16848898 PPID: 1:1.2:2 LnkSt: Established State <===== Functioning

Also use the command dsppnports -s1 1 to see that no connections exist on the affected port.

PortId LogicalId IF status Admin status ILMI state #Conns

1:1.1:1 16848897 up up UpAndNormal 0 <==Affected port.

1:1.2:2 16848898 up up UpAndNormal 9615


Proactive Workaround: After enabling NCDP do a resetcd on the standby. This will clear any problem that could appear on the standby and any switchcc later will not cause any problems.

Reactive Workaround: If the problem shows up after switchcc, down the affected port and up it again. This will clear the problem. Since no connections are routed on the port, no traffic is affected.

Solution: Release 3.0.23 is planned to have the fix for this anomaly. Please monitor bug CSCdz46762 through Bug Toolkit to see which version of 3.0.2x contains the fix.

Recommendation: Cisco recommends that users wait for the fixed release before upgrading to a 3.0 release if NCDP will be enabled on the network.


To follow the bug ID link below and see detailed bug information, you must be a registered user and you must be logged in.



CSCdz46762 (registered customers only)

SSCOP stuck in reset state. no cons can be routed over the link

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