Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CallManager)

Field Notice: CP 7940/7960 Do not Install the Latest Software

March 6, 2002

Products Affected







Cisco CallManager


Problem Description

New CP-7940/7960 phones attaching to a Cisco CallManager with default phone load of P00303010108 fails to load the software. This phone load is the default bundled load for Cisco CallManager 3.1(3a). The phones display Configuring VLAN and Configuring IP, then fail to register. This leaves the phone with a blank screen and solid black bar on top.


The problem appears to be that a 7960/7940 running P003AM30, the load shipped from the factory, cannot load a new load file that is more than 393216 bytes in size.

This corresponds to 768 TFTP packets of 512 bytes each. Once the phone receives the 769th packet, it will send an error to the TFTP server indicating Disc full or allocation exceeded - error code 3. It appears that this phone load cannot handle a file larger than 384Kb.

Problem Symptoms

The CP-7940/7960 phone display shows Configuring VLAN and Configuring IP, and then the screen clears leaving a black bar on top.


Set the device default for 7960/7940 to P00303010102. Once the phone has upgraded set device default to P00303010108 (bundled with Cisco CallManager 3.1(3a)) and reset the phone. Cisco has released a fix for this, 3.1(3a)_spC, which is available from the Software Center (registered customers only) .


To follow the bug ID link below and see detailed bug information, you must be a registered user and you must be logged in.




7940/7960 will not upgrade from P003AM30 to P00303010106 or later

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