Cisco Unified Intelligent Contact Management Enterprise

Field Notice: Data Migration Issue When Upgrading to ICM 4.5

July 26, 2001

Products Affected




The IP Contact Center (IPCC) is only affected if large amounts of historic data have been accumulated.


The Historic Data Server (HDS) is affected.


The Logger portion of the Cisco Intelligent Contact Management (ICM) is affected.


The Customer ICM (CICM) portion of the NAM is affected due to the volume of data collected on the CICM.

Problem Description

The data migration portion of the ICM 4.5 upgrade causes the Structured Query Language (SQL) to crash. This may result in data loss and will result in the inability to successfully migrate your historical data.


The migration software uses all available locks on the SQL server, and the SQL syslogs fill up. The migration code erroneously picks up a recovery key from the current data being inserted into the Termination_Call_Detail table and then attempts to delete all the historical Termination_Call_Detail rows not yet converted. The delete never ends and sets up a continuous block of freeing locks and of dumping the Transaction Log. This results in a SQL crash.

Problem Symptoms

The data migration portion of the upgrade runs until the SQL server crashes. The time frame for the crash varies depending upon the configuration of the SQL database setting for memory, locks, and syslog files.


The workaround is to manually shut off the recording of current data ino the t_Termination_Call_Detail table until the data migration is complete. This is done by changing the following the registry key from 0x1 to 0x0:


This step results in data loss when the data migration is done on the Loggers. The HDS data migration will be able to recover Termination Call Detail records from the Logger. The amount of Termination Call Detail records restored is based on what data was collected on the Logger (to which the HDS is pointed).

It is possible to speed the migration process by adding additional memory to the hardware that is performing the data migration. In the SQL Performance Monitor, the SQL I/O Page Reads/sec was averaging in the hundred(s) for this function. By adding the additional memory and allocating the majority of that memory to SQL, you can greatly decrease your migration time. We found that by increasing the total memory to 2.5 GB (from the standard 1 GB) and allocating 75 percent of the memory to SQL, the data migration was twenty times faster than using the work around with 1 GB of memory.

Engineering is currently looking to isolate, correct, and hot-fix this issue.

Upon completion, make sure to turn on the Termination_Call_Detail in the registry.

To turn the Termination Call Detail back on, change the following registry key from 0x0 to 0x1:



To follow the bug ID link below and see detailed bug information, you must be a registered user and you must be logged in.



CSCma07158 (registered customers only)

SQL locks exhausted transaction log filling after a 4.5 upgrade

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