Cisco Catalyst 6000 Series Switches

Field Notice: Continuous Synchronization Errors with Supervisor Engine 2 on Catalyst 6000

January 19, 2001

Products Affected


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HW Rev.

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? ? ? ?

with image 6.1(1b)

2.11 or later


? ? ? ?

with image 6.1(1b)

2.11 or later

Problem Description

When the Catalyst 6000 system is loaded with Catalyst System Software Image Release 6.1(1b), customers may experience synchronization-error messages on Supervisor Engine 2.


Performance enhancements have been incorporated in the Supervisor Engine 2 of the Catalyst 6000. Hardware revision 2.11 and later of Supervisor Engine 2 requires image 6.1(1d) or later to support it. The following images do not support the new Supervisor Engine 2:





Issue the command sh mod at your console to find out your system software and Supervisor Engine hardware revision.

Problem Symptoms

When the uplink port is connected on the Supervisor Engine 2 with image 6.1(1b), customers may experience a sequence of error messages similar to the following:

01. 1/8/2001,13:45:53: RxSBIF_SEQ_NUM_ERROR:slot=9, pinnacleMask=0X1, errSeqNum=b,source Index=0X1, errorType=0X2
02. 1/8/2001,13:45:53: RxSBIF_SEQ_NUM_ERROR:slot=3, pinnacleMask=0X1, errSeqNum=b,source Index=0X1, errorType=0X2
03. 1/8/2001,13:45:53: RxSBIF_SEQ_NUM_ERROR:slot=3, pinnacleMask=0X2, errSeqNum=b,source Index=0X1, errorType=0X2
04. 1/8/2001,13:46:01: RxSBIF_SEQ_NUM_ERROR:slot=9, pinnacleMask=0X1, errSeqNum=1b,source Index=0X0, errorType=0X2
05. 1/8/2001,13:46:01: RxSBIF_SEQ_NUM_ERROR:slot=3, pinnacleMask=0X1, errSeqNum=1b,source Index=0X0, errorType=0X2
06. 1/8/2001,13:46:01: RxSBIF_SEQ_NUM_ERROR:slot=3, pinnacleMask=0X2, errSeqNum=1b,source Index=0X0,


See Cisco bug ID CSCdt12701 for more information. If you are a registered user and you have logged in, a link to view detailed bug information appears below.






Catalyst System Software Image Release 6.1(1d) is the minimum recommended release for hardware revisions 2.11 and later of the Supervisor Engine 2.

If you are installing a new redundant Supervisor Engine 2 that is running software version 6.1(1d) or later, please ensure that the primary supervisor is running the same version of the software.

If the existing Supervisor Engine 2 has an image that is earlier than 6.1(1d), use either of the following options to avoid the synchronization error.

  1. Upgrade the existing Supervisor Engine 2 to image 6.1(1d).

  2. Power down the system.

    1. Remove the existing Supervisor Engine 2.

    2. Replace it with the new Supervisor Engine 2.

    3. Power up the system.

    4. Install the "old" Supervisor Engine 2. This updates the software for the redundant Supervisor Engine 2.

For software upgrade assistance, please see:

Catalyst 6000 Supervisor Software

For More Information

If you require further assistance, or if you have any further questions regarding this field notice, please contact the Cisco Systems Technical Assistance Center (TAC) by one of the following methods:

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