Cisco BPX/IGX/IPX WAN Software

Field Notice: Lines or Trunks in Last IGX8400 Slot Do Not Report Statistics

March 17, 2001

Products Affected



Any Line Card

When installed in Slot 32

Any Trunk Card

When installed in Slot 32

Problem Description

Line or Trunk cards installed in slot eight of an IGX8410, slot 16 of an IGX8420, or slot 32 of an IGX8430 will not report statistics. This anomaly is manifested in software releases 9.1.22 and 9.1.23; 9.2.33 and 9.2.34; and 9.3.05.


The IGX8400 can display statistics for line or trunk cards using commands from the command line interface. The statistics are useful when diagnosing problems on attached lines or trunks.

Problem Symptoms

The user will not be able to display statistics for the line or trunk card. Commands such as dsptrkstats or dsplnerrs will not show output.


Workaround: Do not use the last slot in the IGX8400 for lines or trunks. Instead, install modules such as the HDM, LDM, or ARM.

Solution: This anomaly is fixed in software releases 9.2.35, 9.3.10 and 9.1.24. These softwares or later versions may be obtained from Cisco's Software Center, available to Registered CCO users at


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No trunk stats collected for last slot of IGX -- caused by CSCdm04491 fix

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