Cisco Catalyst 6000 Series Switches

MEM-MSFC-128MB Ordered in June 2000 Potentially Shipped with 64MB DRAM

August 7, 2000

Products Affected


Problem Description

A small number of customers who ordered Catalyst 6000 MEM-MSFC-128MB= in June 2000 (128MB memory upgrades for the MSFC) received instead 64MB DRAM part MEM-MSFC-64MB=.


Between June 30, 2000 and July 5, 2000, one of the Cisco manufacturing vendors mixed up the DRAM bins used to fill sales orders for MEM-MSFC-128MB. Instead of pulling Manufacturing part number 69000302 for 128MB DRAM, the vendor pulled Manufacturing part number 69000303 for 64MB DRAM.

Affected by this bin swap were 200 MEM-MSFC-128MB= orders shipped between June 30 and July 6, 2000.

Problem Symptoms

Prior to installation of MEM-MSFC-128MB=, check the sales order with which this part was received to verify the ship date and part number MEM-MSFC-128MB=. If the shipment date falls between June 30 and July 6, 2000, check the Manufacturing part number to confirm that it begins with 69000302. (This indicates that the part is 128MB.)

The Manufacturing part number is located on a white sticker that is adhered to the DRAM.

If MEM-MSFC-128MB was ordered during this time and a Manufacturing part number that begins with 69000303 (for 64MB DRAM) is present, the wrong amount of DRAM was shipped to you.


The manufacturing vendor was able to correct this error on July 5, 2000. Additional visual checks have been put in place to avoid this problem in the future.

Refer to Customer Service Contacts to contact the Cisco Customer Service department. Indicate that the wrong parts were received on a new sales order. Also provide the original Sales Order number.

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