Cisco Catalyst 1200 Series Switches

Field Notice: NVRAM Clock Display Stuck

December 29, 1999

Problem Description

The system clock on the Catalyst 12XX, 5XXX, and 6XXX platforms can get into a situation where it displays: 0 2000, 00:00:00 -or- 0 0000, 00:00:00. This time and date stamp then remains stuck and appears on all subsequent system log events and show time output.

This clock state does not interfere with normal Catalyst switch operation.


This problem does not happen nor is it triggered on the rollover from December 31, 1999 to January 1, 2000. This is not a year 2000 problem. Inaccesibility of the NVRAM clock does not interfere with normal Catalyst switch operation.

Due to the different NVRAM clock hardware on the Catalyst 4000, the problems described in the DDTS covered by this field notice do not apply to the 4000 series.

Problem scenario: Under rare conditions, the Catalyst OS incorrectly sets the variable used to access the NVRAM clock which can cause the clock to become inaccessible. 0 2000 00:00:00 is the default string which is displayed if the clock becomes inaccessible.

Note:?The system clock and NVRAM clock mentioned within this field notice are the same entity.

Problem Symptoms

The log files and console output within the Catalysts contain the default timestamp of 0 2000, 00:00:00. Changing the time or date does not change the timestamp that appears in the log files and console output.


This problem has been resolved by relocating the variable. The following software releases have incorporated this fix. Catalyst 1200 software does not incorporate the fix due to its end of life status. Catalyst 4000 series software also incorporates this change, even though the different NVRAM clock hardware used on Catalyst 4000 switches prevents the problem.

Catalyst 5000
The 4.5(5) release is currently available on CCO.
The 5.2(4) release will be available mid February 2000.

Catalyst 6000
The 5.3(4)CSX release will be available in early January 2000.

Catalyst 5XXX, and 6XXX
The 5.4(1) release will be available in mid January 2000.

You can download the software releases from CCO by clicking here.


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CSCdp36947 (registered customers only)

Need a provision to recover from clock stuck situations

CSCdp46995 (registered customers only)

Show time output needs to be modified under clock stuck situations.

CSCdp35421 (registered customers only)

Need to have mechanism to prevent the NVRAM clock from getting stuck.

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