Cisco Catalyst 5000 Series Switches

Field Notice: Cisco IOS Version 11.3(5)T TR-VLAN Feature in Route Switch Module May Not Operate Properly

August 28, 1998

Products Affected



Catalyst® 5000 Series with Route Switch Module (RSM) running Cisco IOS® 11.3(5)T software

The following images are affected:

  • c5rsm-adsv-mz.113-5.T

  • c5rsm-ajsv-mz.113-5.T

  • c5rsm-jsv-mz.113-5.T

  • c5rsm-dsv-mz.113-5.T

  • c5rsm-isv-mz.113-5.T

Problem Description

In certain network environments, the following defects limit the ability of the Token Ring Virtual LAN (TR-VLAN) feature to properly operate:

  • CSCdk37063: RSM TR-VLAN/TRISL/ IPX Fastswitch broken with TR-VLANs.

  • CSCdk37323: RSM TR-VLAN/TRISL: Multiring does not send a test frame without a routing information field (RIF).

In order to prevent impact to customer networks, Cisco Systems, Inc. has deferred and removed the affected images from CCO. Cisco Systems, Inc. strongly recommends that customers already in possession of these images upgrade to Cisco IOS Version 11.3(5)T1.


Customers already in possession of the affected images are strongly advised to upgrade to Cisco IOS software Version 11.3(5)T1 or later.

The Cisco IOS software Version 11.3(5)T1 images for the RSM incorporate fixes for the above defects and will be available on CCO on August 31, 1998.

For More Information

If you require further assistance, or if you have any further questions regarding this field notice, please contact the Cisco Systems Technical Assistance Center (TAC) by one of the following methods: