Cisco MC3810 Multiservice Access Concentrators

Field Notice: Router Reload Caused by show [ip][ipx][appletalk] eigrp events Command

Revised August 24, 1998

August 21, 1998

Products Affected

The table below describes issues caused by the show [ip][ipx][appletalk] eigrp events command.



1000 series

Router reloaded

1600 series

Bad event log but no errors

2500 series

Router reloaded

2600 series

Router reloaded

3600 series

Spurious memory access

3800 series

Router reloaded

4000 series

Router reloaded

4500 series

Spurious memory access

4700 series

Spurious memory access

5200 series

Router reloaded

5300 series

Spurious memory access

RP7000 series

Router reloaded

RSP7000 series

Spurious memory access

7200 series

Spurious memory access

7500 series

Spurious memory access

8500 series

Spurious memory access


Spurious memory access

Problem Description

Issuing the commands show ip eigrp events, show ipx eigrp events, show appletalk eigrp events, or configuring eigrp event-logging with the Cisco IOS® Software releases listed below can cause the following Cisco routers to reload:

  • Cisco 1000 series

  • Cisco 2500 series

  • Cisco 2600 series

  • Cisco 3800 series

  • Cisco 4000 series

  • Cisco 5200 series

  • Cisco 7000 RP series

On other Cisco platforms running the same version of Cisco IOS Software, the show [ip][ipx][appletalk] eigrp events command will cause a spurious memory access error and invalidate the content of the Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP) event log. This defect is logged in Cisco bug ID CSCdk33475 (registered customers only) .

The following Cisco IOS Software images exhibit the defect:

Releases Affected

Fixed in Release

11.0(19.4) to 11.0(20.4)


11.1(19.1) to 11.1(20.4)


11.1(19.1)AA to 11.1(20.4)AA

end of engineering (EOE) upgrade to 11.2(15a)P

11.1(19.1)CA to 11.1(20.4)CA


11.1(19.1)CC to 11.1(20.4)CC


11.1(19.1)CT to 11.1(20.4)CT


11.2(14.1) to 11.2(15.2)


11.2(14.1)P to 11.2(15.2)P


11.2(14.1)BC to 11.2(15.2)BC


11.3(3.4) to 11.3(5.1)


11.3(3.4)T to 11.3(5.1)T


11.3(3.4)NA to 11.3(5)NA


11.3(3.5)AA to 11.3(5)AA


As always, Cisco recommends that customers upgrade from Cisco IOS Software interim releases to the next possible Cisco IOS Software maintenace release.


This defect is logged under Cisco bug ID CSCdk33475 (registered customers only) .


Customers running the affected Cisco IOS Software images should refrain from issuing the commands show ip eigrp events, show ipx eigrp events, show appletalk eigrp events, or eigrp event-logging on the affected platforms.

Network managers can also disable the EIGRP event log by performing the following commands in the Cisco IOS Software configuration mode.

For IP:

test_router# config t
test_router (config)# router eigrp as_number

!--- Where "as_number" is your Autonomous System number.

test_router (config-router)# eigrp event-log-size 0

For Internetwork Packet Exchange (IPX):

test_router# config t
test_router (config)# ipx router eigrp as_number

!--- Where "as_number" is your Autonomous System number.

test_router (config-ipx-router)# event-log-size 0

For Appletalk:

test_router# config t
test_router (config) # appletalk eigrp event-log-size 0

Cisco has integrated the fix for Cisco bug ID CSCdk33475 (registered customers only) in Cisco IOS Software Release 11.2(15a) and 11.2(15a)P images. This fix will also be integrated in the subsequent maintenance release of the affected software interim releases.

For More Information

If you require further assistance, or if you have any further questions regarding this field notice, please contact the Cisco Systems Technical Assistance Center (TAC) by one of the following methods:

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