Cisco 500 Series Content Engines

Upgrading Content Engine 507 from CDN Software Enterprise Release 2.0 and Earlier to 2.1 or Later

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Updated: Oct 08, 2006



This document shows you how to upgrade a Cisco Content Engine 507 from CDN Software Enterprise Solution Release 2.0, or earlier, to 2.1, or later.



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Step-by-step Procedure


If your Content Engine was part of your network, but the Content Distribution Manager (CDM) was upgraded without the Content Engine, these instructions allow you to manually upgrade the software.

If your Content Engine has never been connected to the registry and the rest of your system runs release 2.1, call the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) for assistance.

Note: If your Content Engine had a MANUAL_UPGRADE channel with release 2.1 in it, go to steps 4-7 after entering this information:

cp /sonoma/state/cache/*image-name.upg.* /sonoma/state/ftp/export/cdn-enterprise-2.1.upg


Complete these steps:

  1. Turn on the Content Engine. Make sure you have a console connection.

  2. Log in to the console as root. The default password is default.

  3. Stop the Sonoma software.

    /etc/rc.d/rc2.d/K95sonomafs stop
  4. Configure the Ethernet interface.

    ifconfig eth0 ip-addr netmask mask broadcast bcast
    route add gw gateway-address
  5. Clean and mount the filesystems.

    fsck /sonoma/sys
    fsck /sonoma/state
    mount /sonoma/sys
    mount /sonoma/state
  6. Copy the upgrade image to /sonoma/state/ftp/export.

    cd /sonoma/state/ftp/export
    ftp ftpserver-address
    get cdn-enterprise-2.1.upg
  7. Set the date.

    date mmddhhmmyyyy  (MonthDayHourMinuteYear)
  8. Upgrade the software.

    /sonoma/sys/bin/upgrade /sonoma/state/ftp/export/cdn-enterprise-2.1.upg 
  9. Reboot the Content Engine.


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Updated: Oct 08, 2006
Document ID: 15047