Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) Solutions

Automate and simplify your operations

Deliver high-quality services faster and more easily to your customers through network automation. The Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) is an industry-leading software platform that does just that. It is used in many service provider networks today to automate services across traditional and virtualized networks.

Put our Network Services Orchestrator to work now to solve your service delivery challenges across your multivendor network. Use it to add, change, and delete services without the need for time-consuming custom code or service disruption. Help ensure that your services are delivered in real time, and meet even the most stringent service-level agreements.

Our Network Services Orchestrator works across all domains in your network. It helps you fulfill every aspect of a service. Use it for your existing network, as well as your network functions virtualization (NFV) projects. This all-in-one software package addresses:

  • NFV management and orchestration
  • Software-defined networking
  • Your traditional, complex physical network

Deliver revenue generating services faster

Cut activation times from months to minutes with network automation using our Network Services Orchestrator.

Make your business more agile

Create, modify, and remove services in real time with this platform that uses data models and transaction-based network changes.

Simplify your network operations

Automate your service lifecycle and reduce manual configuration steps by up to 90 percent. That's real savings.

Stand out from your competitors

Easily bundle multiple network services fast, and help assure them in real time using our Network Services Orchestrator as your main platform.

Promote nonstop operations

Manage network changes, modify services, and reconfigure devices while in live production with network automation.

Deliver services faster

Learn just how fast and agile our orchestrator, enabled by Tail-f, is in this tech talk. (7:32 min)

Deploy new services quickly

See how Network Services Orchestrator enabled by Tail-f, helps service providers. (01:57 min)


Giving cloud customers new agility

Equinix benefits from Cisco Network Services Orchestrator enabled by Tail-F. (PDF - 678 KB)

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