HFC Access

Accelerating Network Growth and More

See the benefits of the new DOCSIS 3.1 for hybrid fiber-coaxial cable (HFC) networks. (2:06 min)

Manage and Expand HFC Bandwidth
The demand is growing for high-definition (HD) channels, video-on-demand (VoD) content, high-speed data connectivity, and voice services. To remain competitive, you need to extract more capacity and performance from existing hybrid fiber-coaxial (HFC) bandwidth to support emerging, next-generation services.

Meet the Growing Bandwidth Demand

Cisco HFC Access solutions can help you meet the growing demand for bandwidth. These solutions:

  • Manage and expand the productivity of existing bandwidth
  • Support the increase in demand for advanced interactive services and rapid deployment of next-generation services

With the broadest portfolio in the industry, Cisco has the right solution for your network needs. Cisco offers the tools to build an HFC access network architecture that can help you meet today’s increased bandwidth demands. Our broad product portfolio for HFC networks can be adapted to future needs and provides:

  • Lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) per homes passed
  • Increased forward and reverse bandwidth
  • Increased bandwidth per subscriber
  • Improved overall performance from headend to hub

Cisco Prisma II Platform
Use existing technologies to deliver multiple video streams along fiber, decreasing time to market and increasing opportunities for new revenue streams.

Cisco Prisma D-PON
This FTTH passive optical network (PON) solution is the ideal union of proven HFC services and the powerful, future-flexible, low-maintenance architecture of an all-fiber network.

Nodes, Extenders, and Amplifiers
Cisco 1 GHz GS7000 Node
This four-port node is designed to help you easily scale services and generate more bandwidth. With this 1 GHz optical node platform, no custom configuration is necessary.

Cisco 1 GHz GainMaker Nodes
Obtain the bandwidth you need to launch next-generation services with the technology available in the Cisco 1GHz GainMaker optical node series.

Cisco GainMaker Line Extenders and Amplifiers
The Cisco GainMaker 1 GHz platform includes a variety of amplifiers that provide superior two-way performance and reliability and multiple forward RF outputs. (PDF - 1.14 MB)

Cisco Taps and Passives
Cisco’s traditional-size taps offer flexibility and a modular design to easily change the board and cover. Our surge-gap taps also have the highest surge rating available today.

Relevant Products

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