Unified Retail Platform

Integrate Your Store Operations

Cisco Unified Retail Platform Solution puts all your store operations on one powerful platform.

Integrate Your Store Operations

Streamline Your Store Operation

With Cisco Unified Retail Platform, you can run your entire retail site from a single computing platform. Studies show that stores can save from 50 to 80 percent with this proven technology.

From a single server, Cisco Unified Retail Platform can support:

  • Mobility services
  • PCI compliance
  • Point of sale (POS) back-office services
  • Video, analytics, and content caching

Unified Retail Platform is especially designed to support branch locations, new store setups, and temporary shopping environments. No need for expensive truck rolls and additional costs for computing services. Grow topline revenue, while evaluating new store concepts, and capturing seasonal as well as transitional markets.

Less Equipment, Lower Costs

Less Equipment, Lower Costs

Columbia Sportswear can now add new IT services, such as analytics and digital signage, quickly and easily. (PDF - 463 KB)

Support Business, Stay Compliant

Support Business, Stay Compliant

Swanson gives marketing employees access to social media sites while maintaining security. (PDF - 586 KB)

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