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Under the Hood: Cisco Enterprise NFV

See how to simplify operations and launch new services in minutes on any platform.

Under the Hood: Cisco Enterprise NFV

Intelligent WAN helps you deliver a great user experience every time, over any connection. Here's how:

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Your employees, customers, and guests deserve a great app experience every time. But with more pressure on the WAN than ever, it can be hard to keep up. That's where Intelligent WAN comes in.

We’ve combined the number one routing platform with all the application optimization and security services you need. Watch how it works. (2:09 min)

Intelligent WAN can help you move to a hybrid WAN architecture without compromising performance or security. How? With visibility into the traffic running across the network and the ability to automatically direct that traffic along the best available path.

Add intelligent content caching from Akamai to help apps run faster while offloading 50 to 90 percent of your traffic. The embedded security technology in our routing platforms is robust, certified, and tested in real production networks.

Get all this without spending more on bandwidth. In fact, with the cost savings of moving to hybrid WANs with Internet services, many customers achieve their ROI in under a year.

With the Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller Enterprise Module, Intelligent WAN delivers all the benefits and automation of a software-defined WAN (SD-WAN).

So bring on the mobile devices, cloud apps, and video traffic. With Intelligent WAN, you’ll be ready.

Transport-Independent Design

You deserve the freedom to choose the combination of providers that works best for your budget and connectivity needs. With Intelligent WAN you can connect your branches with the same design over different transport options. This deployment consistency simplifies both the deployment and the ongoing support of the WAN.

Find out more about Intelligent WAN's transport-independent design and how we make it happen with a Dynamic Multipoint VPN (DMVPN) IPsec overlay.

Intelligent Path Control

Make sure critical applications perform well for your employees, customers, and guests. Intelligent path control automatically directs application traffic to the best path given the delay, loss, jitter, and application priorities that you set. And with advanced load balancing, you make the best use of your bandwidth.

Learn more about how it works:

Application Optimization

Three steps to faster apps: First, get visibility into which applications are eating up bandwidth with Cisco Application Visibility and Control. With better visibility you can make better decisions about application policy and future capacity. Second, add WAN optimization to help applications run faster and use less bandwidth. Third, bring content closer to where it needs to be with caching technology from Akamai.

Get a closer look at how we help improve application performance:

Secure Connectivity

Great app performance and smart bandwidth usage don’t mean a thing if the network is vulnerable to attacks. We defend your business with a highly secure VPN overlay and the industry’s strongest encryption. Our hardening techniques have proved their worth over many years of real-world deployments.

And as you offload traffic with direct Internet access to free up bandwidth, we help provide the same level of security with the central control that your security policies require.

Learn more about the importance of a comprehensive threat defense:

Cisco Intelligent WAN provides multiple deployment and management options for flexibility and agility.

Application Policy and Automation Management

With Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller Enterprise Module (APIC EM), we offer two apps that provide policy and automation management:

  •     Intelligent WAN (IWAN) App

  • Automates configuration of IWAN
  • Supports prescriptive WAN deployment
  • Provides templates for branch deployment, Dynamic Multipoint VPN (DMVPN), and intelligent path control (PfR)
  •     Enterprise Service Automation

  • Allows central orchestration and management of network services (physical or virtual)
  • Provides standardized site design, zero-touch deployment, and automated monitoring of network services
  • Promotes optimal performance of virtual network functions by managing the health and lifecycle of services

On-Premises Management

Cisco Prime products provide:

  • Simplified deployment and configuration
  • Plug-and-play deployment automation
  • Improved application delivery
  • Regulatory requirements and best practices

Service Provider Managed IWAN

A number of global service providers are offering Cisco IWAN as a managed services offering. Ask your service provider about their IWAN offering and how they can help manage your WAN.

Service providers who are offering IWAN:

Cloud-Based Management

Glue Networks provides:

  • Quick configuration updates and Cisco IOS upgrades
  • Compatibility with Cisco One Platform Kit (onePK) for application-aware WANs
  • Automated WAN orchestration
  • Centralized, hybrid WAN management

Specialized Management

LiveAction provides:

  • IWAN path control visualization and reporting (using PfR)
  • AVC visualization, reporting, and configuration
  • QoS monitoring and policy configuration, including AVC's application-aware QoS
  • Real-time network health and status

Cisco Intelligent WAN (IWAN) starts with a powerful branch services platform. Deploy Cisco 4000 Series Integrated Services Routers (ISR) at the branch and Cisco ASR 1000 Series Routers at the edge, or virtually with the Cisco Integrated Services Virtual Router (ISRv). When you do, you gain advanced routing, security, and application services that deliver a next-generation hybrid WAN architecture for the digital business that is simple, smart, and highly secure.

Add Cisco UCS E-Series blade servers to host business-critical applications at the branch and extend your enterprise WAN to the cloud with our virtual Cisco Cloud Services Router 1000V. The 4000 Series ISR (physical routing) or ISRv (virtual routing), combined with the UCS E-Series or an x86 platform, deliver Cisco Enterprise Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). It's a new way for businesses to design, provision, and manage network services across the enterprise on any platform.

Optimize your network performance to meet application demands. Use services from Cisco and our partners to speed up branch upgrades and network implementation, and to help you ensure uptime.

Get more from your WAN investment. Complete your IWAN solution with software capabilities available through Cisco ONE for WAN.

Deploy IWAN faster with pre-validated, lab-tested design guidance in our Cisco Validated Design Guide.

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