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New Level of Data Center Agility

Learn about Cisco ACI and Microsoft Cloud Platform at virtual trade show.

New Level of Data Center Agility

Take Full Advantage of the Microsoft Cloud Platform

There are three key Microsoft components to the Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) for Microsoft Cloud Platform:

  • Hyper-V integration connects physical servers by managing networking through a consistent policy approach.
  • Microsoft Systems Center integration lets you plug into the Virtual Machine Manager (VMM), set up networking, and apply policy models.
  • Microsoft Azure Pack integration facilitates the setup of tenancy and self-service portals.

If you want to take on the role of service provider, the integration with Azure Pack helps you offer comprehensive, customer-facing self-services. You can also deploy agile infrastructure on an as-a-service basis, with load balancer as-a-service and firewall as-a-service.

ACI Simplifies Cloud Security

Our solution helps secure the inside of your data center using application-centered network policies that segment and isolate application tiers. This segmentation closes an important gap in on-demand application delivery. Three ACI elements help provide this security:

  • Multitenancy: supported natively in fabric hardware with full isolation and segmentation across tenants
  • Microsegmentation: dividing the data center into smaller zones and provisioning security at the perimeter, between application tiers, and between devices within tiers.
  • Granular authentication: used for role-based access control and authentication, as well as accounting

Evolving Your Data Center to the Next Level

Join this virtual trade show to learn about Cisco ACI and Microsoft Cloud Platform integration.

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