DC Partner - Intel


The strong collaboration of Cisco and Intel brings together industry-leading products built on open standards and defined migration paths. Whether it's creating features to improve voice over wireless, combining forces to defend against security threats, or building the next generation supply chain management, Cisco and Intel are helping improve the way companies and consumers do business, interact, and stay connected. (See Intel Endorsement of the Cisco Unified Computing System.)

The Unified Computing Architecture represents another extension of this collaboration, including Ethernet adapters, Data Center Ethernet, Fiber Channel over Ethernet (FCoE), and the standards-based Unified Computing System B-Series Blade Servers.

Cisco and Intel together are uniquely positioned to bring unified computing to market as a result of trust, innovation and scale:

  • Trust: We both have the privilege of being trusted advisors in the data center and are recognized as providers of leadership data-center solutions.
  • Innovation: Both Cisco and Intel are historic innovators bringing fresh solutions to market and driving innovation via industry standards.
  • Scale: We both have the ability to reach global markets with the engineering expertise and customer support necessary to enable this seminal architecture advancement.

The Cisco UCS B-Series blades will feature the latest advancements based on the Intel microarchitecture (codename Nehalem) and the upcoming Intel Xeon processors. These multicore processors automatically and intelligently adjust server performance according to application needs. This maximizes performance when needed and provides substantial energy savings when not.