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Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) Version 10 Ordering and Licensing Guide

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This document details the ordering and licensing process for the Cisco® Mobility Services Engine (MSE) running Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) software version 10 and higher. For details regarding ordering older software versions, please see the MSE 8.0 Ordering and Licensing Guide.

CMX 10 Software can be applied on a physical MSE (3365) or a virtual MSE.

To download, evaluate, and purchase the virtual MSE and CMX software:

1.     Download the CMX software from

2.     Install the software on a virtual server (see the data sheet for supported virtualization platforms).

3.     The CMX software comes with a 120-day evaluation license. After 120 days, licenses are required.

4.     If using CMX for tracking Wi-Fi interferers (Cisco CleanAir®), licenses are not required.*

5.     To purchase the licenses, order L-MSE-PAK-N and choose the amount and type of licenses required.

6.     Software support is purchased for every license.

To purchase the MSE 3365 physical appliance:

1.     Order the AIR-MSE-3365-K9.

2.     The CMX software comes with a 120-day evaluation license. After 120 days, service licenses are required.

3.     If using the MSE for tracking Wi-Fi interferers (CleanAir), no licenses are required.*

4.     To purchase the licenses, order the L-MSE-PAK-N and choose the amount and type of licenses required.

5.     Software support is purchased for every license.

6.     Hardware support is attached to the AIR-MSE-3365-K9 product ID.

*Note that to purchase support for Cisco CleanAir, a CMX Base license is required.

Ordering the Services Licenses - Which Licenses Do I Need?

Cisco CMX requires licenses to enable functionality. All licenses are per access point.

If using CMX only to locate Wi-Fi interferers (CleanAir), licenses are not required; however, in order to purchase support, the CMX Base License is required.

There are three types of CMX licenses:

   CMX Base license provides the following services:

     Location: The ability to determine the location of Wi-Fi clients, Bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacons, devices, and RFID tags. Includes tracking devices using FastLocate or Hyperlocation

     CMX Connect: Visitor Wi-Fi onboarding platform

     APIs: Third-party integration using standard REST APIs

   CMX Advanced license provides the following services:

     Includes all the CMX Base services - Location, APIs, CMX Connect

     CMX Analytics

     CMX Presence Analytics

    Note: CMX Analytics and CMX Presence Analytics cannot be used simultaneously. A CMX instance will use either location or presence.

   Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (wIPS) license: Will be available in a future release

CMX licenses are available as options under L-MSE-PAK-N in the Ordering Tool. Table 1 lists the SKUs for the various licenses.

Table 1.       Cisco CMX License SKUs

Base Location License SKU



CMX Base license for 1 access point


CMX Advanced license for 1 access point


Upgrade license from CMX Base to CMX Advanced for 1 access point

CMX Scale - How Many Licenses Can I Add to CMX?

The Cisco CMX software can be installed on two platforms: the Cisco 3365 MSE hardware appliance and the Cisco MSE Virtual Appliance (vMSE). For recommended vMSE specs, please see the MSE data sheet.
Table 2 lists the scalability of each of the MSEs.

Table 2.       Scaling of Cisco MSE Hardware and Software





Number of Access Points

Tracked Devices*

Number of Access Points

Number of Tracked Devices

MSE 3365





High-end vMSE





Standard vMSE





Low-end vMSE





MSE 3355***





* Number of tracked devices is for standard location not including CMX FastLocate or Hyperlocation. If FastLocate is used, the number of tracked devices should be reduced by a factor of five.
** Scaling numbers are based on typical visitor behavior (movements per second). In certain situations, the number of tracked devices may be lower.
*** The option to install CMX 10 software on the MSE 3355 will be supported in a later release.

Note:    Presence is a method of assessing the location of a device by determining the nearest access point to that device.

Licenses for High Availability

CMX 10 does not currently support high availability.

Ordering Support for CMX 10

Hardware and software support are ordered separately. If using the MSE 3365, both hardware and software support are available. If using the vMSE, only software support is available. Table 3 lists the SKUs for MSE and CMX support.

Table 3.       MSE and CMX Support SKUs

MSE Model


Service SKU


MSE 3365 hardware (physical) appliance



Hardware support

CMX Base license



Software support

CMX Advanced license



Software support

CMX Upgrade license



Software support

Migrating Legacy MSE Licenses

Older MSE licenses (for versions 7.4 to 8.0) can be applied to CMX 10.

License Portability

CMX 10 licenses are portable and can be ported between different instances of CMX. A license may be used
only on a single CMX 10 instance at a time. The same license may not be applied concurrently on two or more CMX instances.

Cisco MSE Licensing Help

For technical support related to licensing, contact the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) at 800 553-2447 or For questions related to your licensing order, contact Cisco Customer Service at

For More Information

   For more information about Cisco MSE, visit or the Cisco MSE Support site at

   For additional licensing information, visit the Cisco licensing website at