Cisco Cloud Consumption Service

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Get a better grip on your cloud usage

Cloud Consumption Service gives you visibility into your organization's cloud usage. The software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution empowers you to meet and anticipate the needs of your internal clients, while reducing risks and costs. 

This service is joining with Cisco CloudLock

The Cisco Cloud Consumption Service is now retired. Its capabilities are being integrated into Cisco CloudLock, a 100% cloud-native Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB). Cisco CloudLock can help you gain visibility and control over your cloud environments, from SaaS to PaaS and IaaS.

How you can use this service


Cut cloud costs by 10-15%

Are your budgets tight? Determine what your company is really spending and reduce your costs by consolidating redundant cloud services. Become the hero and reinvest your savings back into new business projects.


Protect company and customer data

Identify high-risk services and cloud usage anomalies across 150+ security parameters.  On average, our customers discover 44 high-risk cloud services. Enlighten your data governance strategy with your newfound visibility into shadow IT.  


Reduce compliance risks

CIOs on average estimate their company is using 91 cloud services. Reality? CIOs, across industries, discover nearly 1220. Lower security and financial exposure, protect brand and intellectual property, and uncover compliance issues.


Anticipate business IT needs

Inform your governance and hybrid cloud strategy with visibility into the cloud needs of your stakeholders. Deliver cloud services faster by transforming IT into an internal cloud service brokerage.


Manage cloud services, end to end

Manage cloud providers throughout their lifecycle, from onboarding to decommissioning of services.  Additionally, decrease and manage the use of unauthorized cloud providers.

Get started

Simplify cloud management with the right people, process, and tools.

Do it yourself with a tool

Do it yourself with a tool

Use our SaaS to discover and monitor cloud usage and users, determine risk levels, set alerts, and benchmark against peers. (PDF - 498 KB)

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Hire a dedicated cloud consultant

Hire a dedicated cloud consultant

Our 8-week assessment identifies cloud services used in your business as well as cloud usage, costs, and risks. (PDF - 475 KB)

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Build and advance a multi-cloud strategy

Build and advance a multi-cloud strategy

Govern cloud services end to end, execute cost-savings strategies, and monitor usage with our software + service subscription. (PDF - 738 KB)

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Healthcare compliance simplified

Healthcare compliance simplified

CityMD mitigates risk and maintains compliance in a heavily regulated industry.

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Cloud management and governance

Cloud management and governance

An auto manufacturer merges cloud services to lower costs and negotiate better rates.

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HEducate yourself on cloud

Educate yourself on cloud

Register to attend a future Cloud Consumption Service webinar, or watch on-demand replays.

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