Cisco PDSN/HA Packet Data Serving Node and Home Agent

Combine Intelligence and Performance

Combine the performance and intelligence you need to deliver mobile broadband services to subscribers with Cisco PDSN/HA Packet Data Serving Node and Home Agent. These network functions are the choice of most of the world's Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) network operators.

Get Field-Proven Functionality

These field-proven PDSN/HA functions:

  • Are supported on the industry-leading Cisco ASR 5000 Series
  • Deliver exceptional throughput, call transaction rates, and packet processing, along with significant memory resources
  • Help you build high-margin revenue, cut infrastructure costs, and get a rapid return on your packet core network investment

Easily Evolve with the Network

Through simple software upgrades, the Cisco PDSN/HA can support all future 3GPP2 access technologies, including evolved high-rate packet data (eHRPD), protecting your investment as your network evolves to next-generation access technologies.

Cisco PDSN/HA also offer:

  • Up to three platforms that fit in a standard 48 rack-mount unit (RMU) telecommunications rack or equipment cabinet
  • Support for Simple IP, Proxy Mobile IP, Mobile IP, and IPv6 applications within a single platform
  • Subscriber- and service-aware service steering capability to promote tiered service policies
  • Cisco In-Line Services to help generate revenue
  • High availability for subscriber satisfaction and 99.999 percent system availability
  • Distributed architecture allows operators to plug and play, without the need to provision blades and interfaces to increase capacity or throughput

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