Cisco Compatible Extensions (CCX)

Cisco Compatible Extensions

How do you know if a client device or tag is interoperable with a Cisco Wireless LAN (WLAN) infrastructure or optimized to support the latest wireless features in today's dual mode Smart Phones/Tablets or other Medical, Retail or Manufacturing Devices? Does the client device take full advantage of industry standards and Cisco's latest innovations that may be pre-standard?

Look for the "Cisco Compatible" logo, which is earned through the Cisco Compatible Extensions (CCX) program for Wi-Fi (802.11) devices.

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The Cisco Compatible Extensions (CCX) program provides a path to get your wireless device certified as "Cisco Compatible". Once your device has been certified, you will be able to use the Cisco Compatible logo to communicate to your customers that your device is certified as being interoperable with Cisco mobility networking.

If you are interested in taking full advantage of Cisco's latest innovation and integrating with Cisco's leading edge wireless technology, explore the CCX licensing, development & interoperability testing program.

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