Prepare Your Network for Tablets

Sea of Devices

This video explains how Cisco helps you manage the proliferation of personal devices. (2:35 min)

Sea of Devices

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The Challenge: Bring Your Own Device

While business leaders are embracing increased workforce mobility, network administrators are struggling to protect their networks from new security threats, frequently making decisions about:

  • What type of access to allow
  • Service level agreements for unmanaged devices
  • How to protect company data

Even before considering these types of questions, you need to consider whether your network is ready for the influx of mobility devices. Find out by viewing this webinar and reading the white paper Is Your WLAN Ready for iPad and Cius?

The Solution: Cisco Unified Wired & Wireless Policy and Management

A robust wireless network infrastructure allows for securely connecting devices, optimizes the voice and video experience, and protects overall performance by avoiding interference. It is also a basic component of an architecture that addresses wired and wireless management and policy.

Take the online Air Quality Index Quiz to determine your wireless network’s readiness level.

Bring your own device to work does not necessarily mean that legacy devices will cease to access your network. In fact, the only thing changing is the mix of devices and the number of threats that will need to be managed.

Cisco innovations can address these complex challenges holistically:

The Cisco Advantage

Cisco CleanAir
This silicon-level intelligence creates a self- healing, self-optimizing wireless network that mitigates the effects of wireless interference.

Cisco VideoStream
Provides video everywhere by delivering multicast video efficiently from the wired to the wireless network. Users can expect picture-perfect video over the wireless network.

Cisco ClientLink
Access points to fill in coverage holes and help ensure that users receive a signal even in the toughest environments.

Cisco Compatible Extensions (CCX)

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