Campus LAN Switches - Compact

Highly Secure, Flexible Deployment of Services Anywhere

Extend services whenever and wherever you want with simplified LAN support, far from the wiring closet. Cisco Catalyst Compact Switches help enable deployments of new applications easily, securely, and reliably. These fanless and stylish switches are ideal for colocation with end users. And their small form factor makes them easy to deploy in spaces with limited wiring and cabling infrastructure.

Small Switches, Big Impact

Small Switches, Big Impact

Cisco Catalyst Compact Switches reduce costs and cabling, and secure a network better. (3:37 min)

Video Data Sheet

Video Data Sheet

Learn more about secure, simplified LAN access, far from the wiring closet. (4:30 min)

Unlike simple hubs, Catalyst Compact Switches provide all the capabilities and benefits of the enterprise-class Cisco Catalyst 2960-S and 3560-X Series Switches, including enhanced limited lifetime warranty.

Flexible Deployment

The Catalyst Compact Switches can be deployed in customer check-outs, kiosks, warehouses, conference rooms, classrooms, hotel rooms, cruise cabins, gaming floors, labs, doctor's offices, and call centers. With their compact form factor, you can:

  • Dramatically reduce cabling costs: Eliminate the need for up to eleven expensive 100-meter cables and their wiring complexities.
  • Deploy your switch anywhere at any time: The Catalyst Compact Switches are sleek and quiet (fanless) and can be placed on or mounted underneath desktops and countertops or on a wall.
  • Eliminate the need for power outlets for your switch and devices: With Power over Ethernet (PoE) pass-through, you can deploy IP applications in locations without access to power outlets. The compact switch draws power from the single cable that connects it to the wiring closet.

Outstanding Security

Protect devices that are deployed far from the wiring closet from unauthorized user or device access, eavesdropping, or theft. The Catalyst Compact Switches set themselves apart with Cisco TrustSec, a highly comprehensive network security solution.

  • Protect network data: All packets between the switch and the end device are encrypted right at the source.
  • Implement strict security policies based on user IDs, organizational roles, and device types.
  • Block malicious users from eavesdropping on the conversation or data between two endpoints.
  • Use the optional security lock and cable guard to prevent theft of the switch and unauthorized access to the cables.

Easy Setup and Unified Network Management

Setting up the Catalyst Compact Switches is simple. Use Cisco Catalyst Smart Operations for “zero touch” setup and quick troubleshooting. Cisco Auto SmartPorts helps automatically configure the switch based on type of devices connected.

Automatic Quality of Service (AutoQoS) helps enables state-of-the-art QoS implementation for IP telephony and video with just one command. You get consistent voice and video quality even in high network traffic.

Manage the compact switches remotely along with the switches in the wiring closet and save on IT personnel costs.

Reduce Energy Costs

Support Cisco EnergyWise to monitor, manage and reduce energy consumption of the devices connected to the switch

Video datasheet

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