Campus LAN Switches - Compact

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Simplicity, Security, Scalability for New Businesses

Extend enterprise-class network services to deployments outside the wiring closet. Use our switches to build flexible workspace architectures.

Workspace Transformation

Our new Cisco Catalyst compact switches allow you to simplify network management and increase flexibility. You can now connect up to 500 compact switch ports to a backbone switch to eliminate individual switch configuration.

Use our switches to increase bandwidth (10 Gbps fiber uplinks and Multigigabit Ethernet speeds), and scale to support the traffic explosion that new technologies such as 802.11ac, video, cloud applications, and others bring. Deploying our switches, you can deliver an optimal user experience to your workers and visitors.

Our new compact switches can also help you lower costs and speed deployment through cable consolidation. You can also eliminate the need for additional power outlets, cables and batteries by powering the switch over Universal Power over Ethernet (UPoE) with up to 146W PoE passthrough.

Create Business Opportunities

The enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) supports a burgeoning ecosystem of devices such as sensors, lights, and building control systems. These can be powered by PoE and connected to the network to provide smart building services.

With enhanced PoE capabilities and scale, the Catalyst 3560-C X and 2960-CX switches are ideal for enterprise IoT. The embedded Cisco TrustSec technology gives you confidence that you have the enterprise-class security you need. Cisco TrustSec provides segmentation and role-based access to reduce the attack surface for security breaches such as malware, data exfiltration, and more.

Reduce Costs

Protect your investment with Cisco Multigigabit Ethernet technology. You can increase your network's bandwidth without costly and disruptive upgrades to existing cables.

Our new switches help you simplify and automate software installation and configuration updates. Now you can host a software image and configuration on a central server and push it out to all the switches through an intuitive user interface.

You can also automate port configurations based on device types, whether they’re IP phones, video surveillance cameras, or other items.