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Cisco ISR with Cloud Web Security Connector

Weak Links in the Threat Landscape Identified

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Weak Links in the Threat Landscape Identified

Centralize Security Without Backhauling Web Traffic

Fine-Grained Control for the Branch

For highly distributed networks such as those in retail, manufacturing, and financial services, deploying and managing security is a daunting task. Making sure that all offices have consistent security can take considerable time and effort. And it normally requires multiple appliances at each site.

Cisco ISR with Cloud Web Security Connector overcomes these challenges. Branch offices can intelligently redirect web traffic to the cloud and enforce security and control policy over dynamic web content. This helps protect branch office users from threats such as Trojan horses, back doors, rogue scanners, viruses, and worms.

Cisco ISR with Cloud Web Security Connector integrates with directory services such as Active Directory, so your IT staff can easily define and enforce user policies. It also offers web-content filtering and zero-day malware protection. You can thus build a precise global policy for all web traffic, including SSL-encrypted communications.

Your security policy can be based on categories, content, file types, schedules, and quotas. An integrated outbound policy helps ensure that confidential data, such as customer details or credit card numbers, stays in the network. You reap the benefits of:

  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Rapid deployment
  • Leading technology
  • Scalability
  • Predictable operating expenses
Simplifying Branch Security

Simplifying Branch Security

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