Cisco ASA 5585-X Adaptive Security Appliance

Cut Costs, Improve Performance and Security

The Cisco ASA 5585-X Adaptive Security Appliance delivers superior scalability, performance, and security. Easily handling high traffic volumes, it helps enterprises meet the increasing demands for connectivity in network and data center environments without the need to invest in additional space and incur the corresponding maintenance costs.

Performance with Protection

Performance with Protection

Design Your Data Center for Today'€™s Advanced Threats

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Control Without Compromise

The Cisco ASA 5585-X Adaptive Security Appliance is a powerful, effective security solution. As a single device, it delivers eight times the performance density of competitive firewalls, with:

  • The highest VPN session counts
  • Twice as many connections per second
  • Four times the connection capacity

Most security appliances require up to 16 rack units and 5100 watts to scale to the level of performance that the ASA 5585-X achieves with only 2 rack units and 785 watts. The ASA 5585-X can thus meet the growing needs of today's most dynamic organizations - all in a compact 2-rack-unit (2RU) footprint.

For the most demanding environments, the ASA 5585-X supports up to 16-node clustering for 640 Gbps of throughput - even across multiple sites. And clustered devices can be seen and managed as a single device, significantly reducing administrative overhead.

Feature and Capabilities

  • Lowers initial procurement costs by 80 percent
  • Cuts power consumption costs by 85 percent
  • Reduces rack-space requirements by 88 percent
  • Simplifies network integration and management
  • Scales up to 80 Gbps (with two firewall modules in one chassis)
  • Cluster up to 16 nodes for up to 640 Gbps of throughput

Specifications at a Glance

A single Cisco ASA 5585-X device supports up to:

  • 40 Gbps maximum firewall throughput
  • 350,000 connections per second
  • 10 million concurrent connections
  • 250 security contexts
  • 1,024 VLANs

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