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Cloud-Ready Solutions for WAN Optimization

Cisco WAAS is a software- and hardware-integrated, cloud-ready WAN optimization and application acceleration solution. WAAS appliances offer outstanding deployment scalability and design flexibility while WAAS software delivers best-in-class application acceleration for the enterprise network.

Video Data Sheet

Video Data Sheet

Cisco WAAS reduces latency and optimizes bandwidth. (4:46 min)

Cisco WAAS provides an elastic "scale as you grow" enterprise-wide deployment model with Cisco AppNav and industry-leading scalability for secure acceleration of email, file, web, software-as-a-service (SaaS), video, and VDI applications. It is jointly tested, validated, supported, and verified as a Citrix Ready solution.

    • Optimize Your WAN

      WAAS Appliances

      • Deliver comprehensive WAN optimization from data centers to branches
      • Five times the performance with up to 2 Gbps optimized WAN throughput
      • Four times the virtual services density with support for up to 6 virtual blades
      • Three times the scale with 150,000 TCP Connections
    • WAN Optimization on Routers

      WAAS Solutions for Integrated Services Routers

      • Choose WAAS Express Modules for ISR G2 or WAAS on the 4451-X ISR.
      • WAAS Express provides bandwidth optimization in Cisco IOS Software without increasing branch footprint
      • WAAS on the SRE or Cisco UCS E-Series for ISR G2 provide full WAAS software capabilities for ISR G2 customers
      • WAAS embedded in the 4451-X ISR offers full feature parity with WAAS appliances

Learn more about Cisco WAAS and its wide range of benefits with information from Cisco, 3rd-parties, and Internet communities.


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