Cisco Virtual Wide Area Application Services (vWAAS)

Migrate Business Applications to the Cloud

Cisco Virtual WAAS (vWAAS) is the first cloud-ready WAN optimization solution that accelerates applications delivered from private and virtual private cloud infrastructure, using policy-based on-demand orchestration.

Cisco vWAAS can be:

  • Virtualized on the industry-leading VMware ESX and ESXi hypervisor
  • Deployed on Cisco Unified Computing System x86 servers in an on-demand, elastic, and multitenant manner
  • Integrated with Cisco Nexus 1000V, which optimizes application delivery in a virtual machine environment through Cisco vPath architecture services.

Cisco vWAAS Benefits

Cisco vWAAS is designed for both enterprises and service providers to offer private and virtual private cloud-based application delivery service over the WAN. vWAAS provides:

  • On-demand orchestration of WAN optimization
  • Fault tolerance with virtual machine (VM) mobility awareness
  • Lower operating expenses for customers who are migrating their applications to the cloud

Cisco vWAAS Advantages

Cisco vWAAS is a WAN optimization service that gets deployed in an application-specific, virtualization-aware, and on-demand manner. This solution:

  • Uses policy-based configuration in the Cisco Nexus 1000V to associate with server VMs as they are instantiated or moved
  • Helps enable cloud providers to offer rapid creation of WAN optimization services in cloud-based environments
  • Supports transparent deployment at the network edge using WCCP providing deployment flexibility and feature consistency

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