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Cisco Context-Aware Mobility Service Software Release 5.2

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The Cisco ® Context-Aware Mobility Service provides the ability to take full advantage of the Cisco Unified Wireless Network and other wired and wireless networks to dynamically collect contextual information (such as identity, location, temperature, pressure, and humidity). What's more, the solution uses an open API to make this information available to any business application to help create, change, or optimize business processes.
Cisco ® enhances its industry-leading Mobility Services Engine (MSE) architecture and the Context-Aware Mobility Service by delivering new software features with Cisco Unified Wireless Network Software Release 5.2. With this release, Cisco broadens its WLAN platform to deliver important infrastructure enhancements and innovative features for its portfolio of mobility services.


Table 1 shows the new features that are included in Context-Aware Mobility Software Release 5.2. These features are supported by Cisco MSE 3350 and MSE 3310 platform running Context-Aware Mobility software.

Table 1. Summary of Cisco Context-Aware Mobility Service Features




Additional Platform: MSE 3310

Context-Aware Mobility Service can now be deployed with MSE 3350 or MSE 3310.

The Context-Aware Mobility Service has the capability to gather Wi-Fi tag information either from the Cisco Unified Wireless Network using a received signal strength indication (RSSI) algorithm or using time difference of arrival (TDoA) receviers for outdoor or high-ceiling environments or RF challenging environments (both indoor and outdoor environments can be RF challenging).

The context-aware engine for tags can run standalone or simultaneously with the context-aware engine for clients.

Having multiple platforms offers the flexiblity for customers to meet various deployment needs and scalability needs.

Both the MSE 3310 and the 3350 platform offer the advantage of running Mobility Services wihtin the Cisco WLAN infrastructure and use the common API for third-party application integration.

Scalability for MSE 3310 is a combination of up to 2000 Wi-Fi tags or Wi-Fi clients.

Context-Aware Software Enhancment

The MSE platform will bundle the context-aware engine for tags along with the context-aware engine for clients. Customers will need to purchase the appropriate licenses for their deployment.

By bundling the both the context-aware engine for tags and context-aware engine for clients on the MSE 3310 or MSE 3350 platform, customers can get started with using the Context-Aware Mobility Service quickly and with fewer initial steps.

Location Accuracy Improvements

Overall location accuracy improvements have been done within the Context-Aware software. The latency calculation takes into consideration the user configurable parameters available via CLI or WCS template. Additional location accuracy improvements have also been implemented by reducing jitter..

Improving the latency and jitter estimation used in calculating the location will help to improve overall accuracy in calculation method when using RSSI technology for both Wi-Fi Clients and Wi-Fi Tags. The user configurable parameters (such as timeout) allows further control of latency information and how that is used for calculation based on user environment and deployment topology.

Improved AeroScout Exciters & Wi-Fi TDoA Receivers Configuration Mechanism

Integration of WCS and Systems Manager for configuring AeroScout Exciters and Wi-Fi TDoA Receivers.

Provides synchronization of configuration mechanism between WCS and System Manager. This reduces configuration errors between the management systems.

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