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Product Overview

If you’ve used the Cisco Jabber® messaging integration platform at work, you know how it can make working easier - using presence to reach people with less back-and-forth about when someone’s available, getting quick answers with IM, setting up WebEx® conferences. Now you can use your Android device to do the same things, so you can connect with people just as easily while you’re not at your desk.

It’s harder simply to reach people today, when some of the people you work with may be a country or continent away. Not only are they harder to meet with, but distance increases the amount of communication necessary. You can’t just go down the hall to resolve a problem. Communications with customers have gotten more complex, too. You can’t always just visit one who wants to buy from you or wants a problem fixed.

You see the personal side of this situation. You know that you need better ways to communicate, whether you’re in the office or away from it. Companies like yours see a larger picture, and no matter what their size, they are trying to improve communications locally or globally, or both. They understand the importance of communications to retaining customers, gaining new business, controlling costs, and growing.

Cisco Jabber for Android streamlines your communications. It unifies presence, instant messaging, video, voice, voice messaging, and conferencing capabilities securely into one client on your mobile device. Your communications are clear, secure, clear, and reliable. You can communicate and collaborate effectively from anywhere (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Cisco Jabber for Android

Features and Benefits

Bring business-class IP telephony and video to your mobile device: Powered by the market-leading Cisco® Unified Communications Manager call-control solution, the Cisco Jabber solution provides enterprise-grade telephony with high-fidelity audio and standards-based video capabilities. These features mean that high-quality and high-availability voice and video telephony is available when you need it, whether you are in the office or mobile. You can also hand off calls to your mobile provider's network as you leave Wi-Fi coverage or move Cisco Jabber calls to your Cisco Unified IP Phone to continue a conversation on a different phone.

Secure firewall-traversal technology enabling unbounded mobile use cases: Cisco Expressway for Mobile and Remote Access enables you to easily access your Jabber® collaboration services outside the corporate network, so you can be more productive when you are mobile. In contrast to VPN, it secures only Jabber traffic, helping ensure that your personal data does not cross the corporate network.

Lower mobility costs: Cisco Jabber for Android allows you to place and receive calls over your corporate wireless LAN (WLAN) and telephony infrastructure. With Cisco Jabber for Android, you can place and receive calls when at home, in hotels, or at Wi-Fi hotspots. For Android phone users, that means reducing the number of mobile minutes used and saving on roaming charges. Because the Cisco Jabber application uses your Cisco Unified Communications Manager call-routing capabilities, you may be able to avoid long‑distance charges for international calls. These costs can be further reduced by the optional Dial-Via-Office feature.

Mobile privacy: Cisco Jabber for Android turns your Android phone into an extension on Cisco Unified Communications Manager. You appear to receive and make calls from your work phone number when using the Cisco Jabber application. Executive Android phone users benefit from this feature because they often want to keep their mobile number private when placing calls.

Reduce communication delays with presence and contact information: The Cisco Jabber for Android application places all of your communication needs at your fingertips. The all-in-one client features voice, video, and instant messaging, and it enables you to see the availability of co-workers and colleagues within and outside your organization. You can immediately see who is offline, available, away, on the phone, presenting, or in a do-not-disturb state. You can create customized availability states such as “Gone to lunch. Back at 1 p.m.” to provide added context. These capabilities coupled with Cisco Jabber video calling help reduce communication drag and result in faster decision making and enhanced productivity.

Quickly communicate with borderless enterprise-class instant messaging: Instant messaging is an important communication option that lets you efficiently interact in today's multitasking business environment. Cisco Jabber for Android delivers enterprise-class instant messaging capabilities that are based on the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP). The solution provides personal and group chat so you can quickly connect with your business colleagues. Instant messaging is integrated with other communication capabilities so you can simply move between chats, audio conversations, and web conferences. You can even share your availability status and send instant messages to people outside your organization who may not be using the Cisco Jabber application. The enterprise-class instant messaging capabilities of this application provide more efficient, highly secure, flexible, and borderless collaboration.

Table 1 outlines Cisco Jabber for Android features and benefits.

Table 1. Features and Benefits



Communication integration

Use a single, intuitive interface for instant messaging with individuals and groups, voice and video calls, visual voicemail, voice and web conferencing, communication history, and integrated directories.


View real-time availability of co-workers and colleagues within and outside the enterprise network.

Exchange and display presence availability information and instant messages with other Cisco Jabber users, Cisco Unified Personal Communicator, the Cisco WebEx Connect® application, Microsoft Office Communicator and Lync, IBM Lotus Sametime, Google Talk, and many other XMPPcompatible clients.
Exchange presence information with mobile devices using Cisco Jabber or third-party XMPPcompatible clients.
Display customized availability messages.

Enterprise instant messaging

Chat in real time using instant messaging to save time and reduce phone tag. Several chat modes are supported, ranging from:

Point-to-point chat with co-workers inside your network, or supported federated business and personal contacts.
Group chat, which enables multiple colleagues to communicate and collaborate in a single discussion.
Personal instant messaging history for your reference.

Integrated voice and video telephony

Using the Cisco Jabber application on your Android phone, you can place and receive calls through Cisco Unified Communications Manager without incurring mobile or roaming charges.

A variety of call-control options are available, including mute, call transfer, and ad-hoc conferencing.

The Cisco Jabber application supports business-quality video communications. The standards-based video means you are not restricted to collaboration with just other Jabber clients. You can use voice and video when interacting with telepresence endpoints and room-based and multipoint videoconferencing systems.

Integration with Cisco Mobile Connect (Single Number Reach)

The Cisco Mobile Connect application enables you to receive calls placed to your work phone number on your Android phone (through GSM) whenever the Cisco Jabber application is not running on your Android phone or is not connected to Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

Handoff to mobile voice network

You can hand off your VoIPcall to your mobile operator's network as you leave buildings, so you have freedom to move about without interrupting your calls.


Initiate a web meeting session directly from Cisco Jabber for Android. This initiation will launch the Cisco WebEx® Meetings application on the Android phone.

Chat history

Access a history of your instant messaging conversations.

Visual voice message access

Access and manage your voice messages:

View, play back, and delete voice messages from Cisco Unity® Connection.
Secure messaging is provided, with support for private, urgent, and encrypted voice messages.

Secure mobile and remote access

Cisco offers its customers deployment options to access the Jabber application outside the corporate network.

Cisco Expressway for Mobile and Remote Access firewall traversal technology enables you to easily access your Jabber collaboration services outside the corporate network, securing only the Jabber traffic.
Cisco AnyConnect® VPN secures the entire device, providing remote access to Jabber and all services on the corporate network.


Encrypt instant messaging communications using up to 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption and Transport Layer Security/Secure Sockets Layer (TLS/SSL) connections.

Single Sign-On (SSO)1

SSO allows companies to use their SSO system to simplify the management of the Cisco Jabber application. With SSO, you more securely log in to Jabber and presence using your corporate login credentials.

Flexible deployment models

Cisco Jabber for Android can be deployed on-premises or on-demand, offering IT departments the flexibility to choose the model that best suits their business.


Languages supported include:

Chinese (Simplified)
Chinese (Traditional)
Portuguese (Brazil)
1 Feature available in on-demand deployment only.

System Requirements

Table 2 lists the operating systems and devices supported for Cisco Jabber for Android (refer to release notes for more details).

Table 2. Cisco Unified Communications System Requirements

Cisco Unified Communications Manager version


Cisco Unified Communications Manager IM and Presence version


Cisco Unified Presence version


Cisco WebEx Messenger service version

7.5 or later

Contact Search Services

Cloud-based source:

WebEx Connect Contact Service 7.5 or later

LDAP-based sources:

Microsoft Active Directory 2008
Microsoft Active Directory 2003
OpenLDAP 2.4

Cisco Unified Communications Manager source:

Cisco UDS Contact Service 9.1(2)
Cisco UDS Contact Service 10.0(1)

Cisco Conferencing

Cisco TelePresence MCU 5310
Cisco TelePresence Server 7010
Cisco TelePresence Server MSE 8710
Cisco Integrated Services Router (with PVDM3)
Cisco WebEx Meeting Center T28
Cisco WebEx Meeting Center T29
Cisco WebEx Meetings Server 2.0

Voicemail playback

Cisco Unity Connection 8.5
Cisco Unity Connection 8.6(1)
Cisco Unity Connection 8.6(2)
Cisco Unity Connection 9.1(1)
Cisco Unity Connection 9.1(2)
Cisco Unity Connection 10.0(1)

Cisco Expressway for Mobile and Remote Access

Cisco Expressway-E 8.1 .1
Cisco Expressway-C 8.1.1

Device and OS Requirements

Cisco supports Cisco Jabber for Android on the following Android devices and operating system combinations (refer to release notes for more details and any potential updates):

Samsung Galaxy SII (Android OS 4.1.2 or later)

Samsung Galaxy SIII (Android OS 4.1.2 or later)

Samsung Galaxy Note II (Android OS 4.1.2 or later)

Samsung Galaxy S4 (Android OS 4.1.2 or later)

Google Nexus 5 (Android OS 4.4)

Sony Xperia Z1 (Android OS 4.1.2 or above)

Sony Xperia ZR/A (Android OS 4.1.2 or above)

Note: Although not officially supported, the Cisco Jabber application runs on many Android devices with various degrees of limitations depending on the device. Refer to Release notes for more details. Consult the Cisco Support Forums at if you encounter problems with unsupported devices.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) Support

Cisco Jabber for Android is distributed through Google Play and It is not available with Mobile Device Management (MDM) wrappers through these distribution channels. MDM wrapping is available as a Cisco Advanced Services offering for customers wishing to pursue this option.

Warranty Information

Find warranty information on at the Product Warranties page.

Ordering Information

You can download Cisco Jabber for Android for free from the Google Play Store. The IM and Presence services in the application are free for organizations with a license to use Cisco Unified Communications Manager IM and Presence or Cisco WebEx Messenger. To use the software with telephony capabilities, additional licensing may be required to connect to Cisco Unified Communications Manager. To place an order, visit the Cisco Ordering homepage. Cisco Jabber for Android is a part of Cisco Unified Workspace Licensing. Please visit for more information and to determine whether Cisco Unified Workspace licensing is appropriate for your organization.

To enable Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client for VPN access on Cisco Jabber for Android, you will need a Cisco ASA 5500 Series Adaptive Security Appliance and the corresponding Cisco AnyConnect Essentials and Cisco AnyConnect Mobile licenses. To learn more visit the Cisco ASA website.

Cisco Unified Communications Services

Cisco and our certified partners can help you deploy a highly secure, resilient Cisco Unified Communications Solution so you can meet aggressive deployment schedules and accelerate your business advantage. The Cisco portfolio of services is based on proven methodologies for unifying voice, video, data, and mobile applications on fixed and mobile networks.

The unique Cisco lifecycle approach to services defines the requisite activities at each phase of the solution lifecycle. Customized planning and design services focus on creating a solution that meets your business needs. Award-winning technical support increases operational efficiency. Remote management services simplify day-to-day operations, and optimization services enhance solution performance as your business needs change.

For More Information

For more information about the Cisco Jabber application, visit or contact your local Cisco account representative.