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Cisco Unified Communications System Release 7.0

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The Cisco Collaboration Launch includes new capabilities being introduced with Cisco Unified Communications System Release 7.0, Cisco WebEx ® Connect, and the Cisco TelePresence ® Expert on Demand application. This product bulletin focuses on Cisco Unified Communications System Release 7.0.
Cisco ® Unified Communications Solutions enable collaboration so that organizations can quickly adapt to market changes while increasing productivity, improving competitive advantage through speed and innovation, and delivering a rich-media experience across any workspace, securely and with optimal quality. Cisco Unified Communications 7.0 offers customers important improvements in:

• A more open deployment environment

• Ease of use

• Continuing reductions in total cost of ownership (TCO)

Almost every element of the Cisco Unified Communications portfolio is updated in this new release (see Table 1 for listing). Comprehensive release testing coupled with customer migration services will help ensure an easy path forward for customers.

Table 1. Cisco Unified Communications 7.0

Product and benefits


Cisco Unified Application Environment 2.5

This release offers a rich portfolio of packaged applications and custom development tools that take advantage of the Cisco Unified Communications platform to enhance business collaboration. Highlights in Release 2.5 include broadened support for developer tools and languages, new unified communications plug-ins, new partner applications, and a new architecture based on an open-sourced core technology.

Cisco Application eXtension Platform (AXP) for Unified Communications

This platform provides third-party Linux-based unified communications application integration in integrated services routers through an optional network module.

Cisco Unified Presence 7.0

Cisco Unified Presence 7.0 is a feature-rich presence server for Cisco and heterogeneous environments. It increases scalability to 30,000 users. It also allows interfacing with third-party applications through web services application programming interfaces (APIs) or Cisco Unified Application Environment, and supports Instant Messaging (IM) and business-to-business presence federation with Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS) and Live Communications Server (LCS), and click-to-conference capabilities with IBM Sametime.

Interworking with IBM and Microsoft

Interworking with IBM and Microsoft applications provides investment protection while supporting customer requirements for collaboration and productivity. With IBM, new plug-ins are supported, along with Cisco Unified IP Phone presence indication. With Microsoft, features now supported include simultaneous ring with Cisco Unified Communications Manager; business-to-business federation of Cisco Unified Presence and Microsoft OCS and LCS; Windows Mobile support on Cisco Unified Mobile Communicator; and click-to-call from Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Outlook, and SharePoint.

Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance 8.0(4)

Security is now critical for extending unified communications services to remote users and interbusiness collaboration. The Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance enhancements include secure communications between Cisco and Microsoft presence servers; secure traffic between Cisco Unified Mobile Communicator software and Cisco Unified Mobility Advantage server; and simplified and secure deployment of remote IP phones and softphones without additional VPN devices. Also introduced is a comprehensive voice security solution for Cisco IOS® Software Release 12.4(20)T Firewall.


Cisco Unified MeetingPlace 7.0 (including Cisco WebEx integration)

Cisco Unified MeetingPlace 7.0 introduces a single server for voice and video conferencing to simplify installation and management. It offers enhanced user experience with a single number, recording and controls (such as mute), and now supports auto-login and meeting-entry capability through phone number recognition. Integrations are expanded with support of Cisco WebEx user interface setup, using Cisco Unified MeetingPlace voice, plus support for click to conference with IBM Sametime.

Cisco Unified Contact Center

Cisco Unified Contact Center Express 7.0: This release offers improved efficiency through Cisco Unified Presence integration, along with the increased ability to support customer communications preferences with entry-level email messaging. It also includes enhancements to Cisco Unified Workforce Optimization and Cisco Agent Desktop.

Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise 7.5: Updates in this release include innovative presence integration as well as performance and scalability enhancements and advanced reporting functions.

Cisco Expert Advisor: This application bridges the formal contact center to the enterprise, allowing knowledge workers to improve customer interactions, resulting in higher productivity of resources and the ability to provide differentiated services.

Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal 7.0: This release harnesses the power of video for self- and assisted service for a more intuitive caller experience. It includes video self-service menus, video queuing, and video agent, and it supports third-generation (3G) mobile video and video kiosks.

Cisco Unified Intelligence Suite 7.5: This single, web-based reporting platform supports Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise and Cisco Unified Intelligent Contact Management (ICM). It offers a secure and innovative 360-degree view of the enterprise, with the ability to drill into individual contact details at any level. It extends the boundaries of traditional reporting to an information portal to integrate and share data throughout the organization.

Cisco Unified Communications Widgets

This suite of applications delivers productive, consistent, and personalized user experiences with Cisco Unified Communications applications and Cisco Unified IP Phones. With these free-to-download and easy-to-add widgets, you can instantly access the Cisco Unified Communications applications and have a rich business communication and collaboration experience. Applications include Phone Designer, Click to Call and Visual Voicemail

Cisco Unified IP Phones

(Cisco Unified IP Phone Expansion Module 7915) and (Cisco Unified IP Phone Expansion Module 7916)

The new Cisco Unified IP Phone Expansion Module 7915 and 7916 models offer more functions. The color and grayscale models have easy-to-read displays and 12 physical keys; 12 additional keys are accessible through Shift and Page keys.

Cisco Unified Communications Clients

Enhancements to Cisco Unified Personal Communicator 7.0 include business-to-business IM and presence with Microsoft Office Communicator (MOC) users. In addition, the new release delivers a superior user experience with an enhanced PC user interface, system tray icon support, support for secure messaging, and an enhanced privacy preference setting to block or allow contact. Updates to Cisco Unified Mobile Communicator include support for Microsoft Windows Mobile; Dial via Office with Cisco Unified Communications Manager, and delivery of mobile presence status with Cisco Unified Presence.


Cisco Unified Communications Manager 7.0

This release provides an appliance-based deployment environment, with support for performance and ease-of-use enhancements to improve maintenance and administration, including Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) line and trunk enhancements and increased security options with trusted relay points. It adds flexibility and choice through new feature support, including simultaneous ring with Microsoft OCS 2007 and new features such as Direct Call Pickup and Do Not Disturb enhancements. Mobile Unified Communications enhancements provide consistent user experience at the desk or on the move; enhancements include the ability to enable and disable the MobileConnect single-number-reach application from a Cisco Unified IP Phone or Cisco Unified Mobile Communicator, and the ability to set MobileConnect time-of-day rules.

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Business Edition 7.0

This release offers increased investment protection and migration flexibility with the ability to repurpose the Cisco MCS 7828 Media Convergence Server when growing into a Cisco Unified Communications Manager. It also offers increased scalability with support for up to 20 Cisco Unified Survivable Remote Site Telephony (SRST) sites, and supports a new deployment model through trunking to Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Cisco Unified Communications Manager Business Edition, and Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express. It increases channel coverage through the new Cisco Authorized Business Edition Reseller Program. Additionally, a new simplified licensing program is available with Cisco Unified Workspace Licensing Business Edition.

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express and Cisco Survivable Remote Site Telephony 7.0

Continue to extend value through new end-user ease-of-use and productivity features such as Call Barge with Privacy Release, the ability to add or change the speed dial on the phone, and a live record softkey. This release also includes emergency 911 (E911) support and integration with the Cisco 3200 Series Rugged Integrated Services Routers.

Cisco Messaging
Cisco Unity® 7.0

This release increases scalability to 200 ports and 15,000 users per server and offers new features such as automated recognition of alternate extensions, speech-enabled "follow me", and faster message addressing.

Cisco Unity Connection 7.0

Cisco Unity Connection 7.0 is an enterprise-class release that offers scalability of 144 ports and 10,000 users on a single appliance, active-active redundancy, access to Microsoft Exchange calendar, and integration with Cisco Fax Server.

Cisco Unity Express 7.0

Cisco Unity Express 7.0 adds centralized authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA), integration with up to 10 Cisco Unified Communication Manager Express sites, and simplified upgrade paths and file packages. All new features except AAA are available in Cisco Unity Express 3.2, with the 7.0 release with AAA available in late 2008.

Cisco Unified Border Element 1.2

This release offers increased support for SIP. SIP profiles provide more adaptability and interoperability by allowing integration of more types of devices and applications. SIP video support provides interworking with Delayed Offer and Early Offer sessions, plus SIP bandwidth configurations. These capabilities enable companies to have much more flexibility in device interoperability, support, and selection, and the potential to use Cisco, Sony, Polycom, and Tandberg devices interchangeably with their video-based applications.

Cisco Emergency Responder 7.0

This release offers improved administrative user-interface enhancements, including organization and display of switch-port details; customization of email alert contents; and display of recent call history. It is interoperable with Intrado V9-1-1 for enterprise service, simplifying management of location data and delivery of emergency calls.

Cisco Unified Communications Network Management

Updates across the portfolio allow you to stay synchronized with the latest Cisco Unified Communications releases.


Open systems architecture

The open systems architecture of the Cisco Unified Communications solution offers broad support for other applications, and the ability to easily develop customized applications with Cisco Unified Applications Environment.

Choices are increased through interworking with other applications, such as those from Microsoft and IBM.

Unified, elegant experience for end users

Applications access is intuitive within applications; customers have flexibility and choice through interoperability, for example, with IBM and Microsoft applications.

Outstanding TCO for the business

Maximize value through continued enhancements to Cisco Unified Workspace Licensing and increases in application scalability, which will extend applications access while keeping server costs down, and focus on using the best deployment methods to simplify your administration requirements.

Continue to bolster the security of Cisco solutions by securing the communications between presence servers and mobility applications, as well as providing a way to connect Cisco Unified IP Phones remotely with secure connections with no additional hardware.

Enhance Cisco Unified Communications Manager with a new software version that includes the ability to extend Cisco Unified Communications Manager services to Cisco Unified Mobile Communicator clients.

Cisco Technology Developer Partners

The Cisco Systems technology partners whose products are interoperable and tested and verified with Cisco Unified Communications Manager 7.0 are as follows:

MindCTI (Call accounting and billing), Berbee (Unified Communications Applications, Paging, and Broadcast), Polycom (video conferencing), Verint (VoIP Recording), Radianta (Cisco Unified Application Environment-based applications), Nokia (Mobility client), and Intrado (Emergency Responder).

Ordering Programs

Cisco Unified Workspace Licensing

Cisco Unified Communications Software Subscription

Cisco Technical Information

Obtain system-level documentation and resources at the Cisco Unified Communications System Technical Information homepage:

Complete List of Products in Cisco Unified Communications System Release 7.0

Open Systems

• Cisco Unified Communications Manager 7.0
• Cisco Unified Presence 7.0
• Cisco Unified Applications Environment 2.5
• Cisco Application eXtension Platform (AXP) for Unified Communications 1.0
• IBM and Microsoft interworking with Cisco Unified Communications
• Cisco Unified Mobile Communicator 7.0
• Cisco Unified Videoconferencing 5.6
• Cisco IOS Firewall 12.4(20) T
• Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance 8.0(4)
• Cisco Firewall Services Module 4.01

User Experience

• Cisco Unified MeetingPlace 7.0
• Cisco Unified MeetingPlace and Cisco WebEx integrations
• Cisco Unified Personal Communicator 7.0
• Cisco Unified Mobility Advantage 7.0
• Cisco Unified Communications Widgets
• Cisco Unified IP Phone Expansion Module 7915
• Cisco Unified IP Phone Expansion Module 7916
• Cisco Unified Contact Center Express 7.0
• Cisco Unified IP IVR 7.0
• Cisco Agent Desktop Suite for Cisco Unified Contact Center Express 7.0
• Cisco Agent Desktop Suite for Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise 7.5
• Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise, Hosted, and ICM 7.5 (includes Expert Advisor)
• Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal 7.0
• Cisco Unified Intelligence Suite 7.5

Total Cost of Ownership

• Cisco Emergency Responder 7.0
• Cisco Unity 7.0
• Cisco Unity Connection 7.0
• Cisco Unity Express 7.0
• Cisco Unified Communications Manager Business Edition 7.0
• Cisco Unified Border Element 1.2
• Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express 7.0
• Cisco Unified SRST 7.0
• Cisco Unified Provisioning Manager 1.3
• Cisco Unified Operations Manager 2.1
• Cisco Unified Service Monitor 2.1
• Cisco Unified Service Statistics Manager 1.1
• Cisco netManager Unified Communications 1.1

First-customer-shipment (FCS)* date

September 18, 2008