Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CallManager)

Cisco Unified Communications Software Subscription

Upgrade to Greater Business Value

An up-to-date communications system can give your staff the tools they need to be more productive and accessible to customers and colleagues. The Cisco Unified Communications Software Subscription enhances your communications system and increases business value by offering an economical and timely approach to upgrading to the latest Cisco technology.

Cisco Unified Communications Software Subscription allows you to purchase major software version upgrades of various Cisco Unified Communications products at a reduced cost through a one-, two-, or three-year subscription. You can also optimize your savings by purchasing a multiyear plan.

To purchase a Cisco Unified Communications Software Subscription, you must:

  • Purchase Cisco Unified Communications Operate Services (any version of Essential Operate or Select Operate)
  • Make your purchase within 90 days of an initial system (hardware and software) acquisition, such as your first server in a Cisco Unified CallManager 5.0 cluster (does not apply to expansions within a single cluster)
  • Purchase your subscription within 90 days of purchasing a major release upgrade
  • Migrate from a Cisco Software Application Support plus Upgrades (SASU) contract

The Cisco Unified Communications Software Subscription applies only to upgrades for major releases (providing major architectural changes or feature enhancements or functions). Minor upgrades and maintenance release upgrades are part of Cisco Unified Communications Essential Operate Service and Select Operate Service.

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