Cisco SFS 7000 Series InfiniBand Server Switches

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Product Bulletin No. 3201

The Cisco® SFS 7000 Series InfiniBand server switches provide a new class of data center infrastructure that interconnects discreet server resources into a high-performance, 10-Gbps, low-latency fabric. The switches include many mainframe backplane technologies such as server processing and Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) for transmitting large amounts of data with little CPU overhead. The new Cisco SFS 7012P and 7024P InfiniBand server switches provide some ofthe industry’s highest-density fabrics for interconnecting servers into effective, high-performance clusters and grids, creating the kind of collective performance enabled by the ever-lowering cost and increasing performance of compute power.


The Cisco SFS 7012P and 7024P InfiniBand server switches are designed for very large and dense high-performance computing environments. TheCisco SFS 7012P provides full, bisectional bandwidth across 144 10-Gbps Infiniband ports in a 7 rack-unit (7-RU) chassis. The Cisco SFS 7024Pprovides full bisectional bandwidth across 288 10-Gbps or up to 96 30-Gbps ports in a 14-rack-unit (14-RU) chassis. Both of these systems areoptimized for dense cluster computing environments of 256 nodes and more. These systems can provide non-blocking, low-latency compute environments in a cost-effective manner. When used in conjunction with the Cisco SFS 3000 Series multifabric server switches, the entire Cisco SFS7000 Series can consolidate I/O and link to the local-area and storage-area networks.

The Cisco SFS 7012P and 7024P offer the following customer benefits:

· Comprehensive performance and fabric diagnostics tools in a fully managed switch

· High-performance, industry standards-based InfiniBand interconnect technology

· Ideal interconnect for high-performance computing, science, and enterprise applications

· Integration with other Cisco SFS 7000 Series InfiniBand server switches and Cisco SFS 3000 Series multifabric server switches for a wide rangeof IP Communications, storage, and WAN and LAN connectivity options

Table 1 lists the primary features of the Cisco SFS 7012P and 7024P.

Table 1. Key Features



High-Performance Server Fabric

144 and 288 ports of 20-Gbps, full-duplex, ultra low-latency server fabric interconnect

Non-Blocking Architecture

Full bisectional bandwidth for all ports, providing 2.8 Tbps (Cisco SFS 7012P) and 5.4 Tbps (CiscoSFS 7024P) of bandwidth

Remote Direct Memory Access

Move data directly from one server’s memory to another, bypassing the CPU(s) and kernel

High Availability

Fully redundant power and cooling, with hot-swappable, field-replaceable units (FRU)

Rich System and Fabric Management

Command-line interface (CLI), Web, and Java-based systems and server fabric management options


The Cisco SFS 7012P and 7024P are generally available now. Table 2 lists the ordering information.


Table 2. Ordering Information

Part Number



Cisco SFS 7012P InfiniBand Server Switch, 144-port chassis


Cisco SFS 7012P InfiniBand Server Switch, 144-port upgradeable chassis, ships with 108 ports, 67% blocking fabric


Cisco SFS 7024P InfiniBand Server Switch, 288-port chassis


Cisco SFS 7024P InfiniBand Server Switch, 288-port upgradeable chassis, ships with 156 ports, 67% blocking fabric


Cisco SFS 7012P/7024P InfiniBand 4X 12-Port Line Card


Cisco SFS 7012P/7024P Switch Fabric Module—no management


Cisco SFS 7012P/7024P Switch Fabric Module—with management


Cisco SFS 7012P/7024P Power Supply


For more information about the Cisco SFS 7012P and 7024P, visit or contact your local account representative at Cisco Systems®.

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