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Cisco Video Surveillance Media Server

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Product Overview

Cisco offers network-centric video surveillance software and hardware that supports video transmission, monitoring, recording, and management. Cisco video surveillance solutions work with the advanced features and functions of the IP network infrastructure-switches, routers, and other network security devices-to enable secure, policy-based access to live or recorded video. With support for many surveillance cameras, encoders, and applications, Cisco video surveillance solutions allow customers to build high-quality video surveillance systems that optimize cost, performance, and capability.
Cisco ® Video Surveillance Media Server is the core component of the Cisco Video Surveillance Manager and performs the following networked video surveillance system functions:

• Collection and routing of video from a wide range of cameras and encoders over an IP network

• Secure local, remote, and redundant video archive capabilities

• Event tagging for review and archival purposes

• Bandwidth management for both live distribution and historical recording

By using the power and advanced capabilities of IP networks, Cisco Video Surveillance Media Server software allows applications, users, cameras, and storage to be added over time. As a result, the software provides unparalleled video surveillance system flexibility and scalability to support:

• Deployments that range from small systems to those with thousands of cameras

• Hundreds of simultaneous users accessing live and recorded video

• Standard video codecs such as Motion JPEG, MPEG-4, and H.264 simultaneously in a single Media Server

• Storage conservation using events, clipping, record-on-motion, and loop-based archival options

• Integration with other security and IT applications using open, standards-based API and RTP/RTSP streaming

• IT-caliber, fault-tolerant storage for greater efficiency and easier maintenance

Cisco Video Surveillance Media Server is fully compatible with other Cisco Video Surveillance Manager applications that provide video display control and distribution (virtual matrix switching), a customizable web-based user interface for roles-based operation and management, system configuration, and options to support direct-attached storage. Media Server and other Cisco Video Surveillance software applications run on Linux-based servers. As a result, your investment can be upgraded to include new features, address your evolving requirements, and support a diverse range of deployment scenarios.

Features and Benefits

Cisco Video Surveillance Media Server provides benefits that include the following:

• Increased access to video

• Enhanced interoperability

• Integration and synchronization with other security and business applications

• Ability to dynamically add cameras and encoders using driver packs

• Easy review of tagged events

• Secure local, remote, and redundant video archive capabilities

Video management features

• Standards-based architecture that provides the flexibility to use a broad range of devices, resolutions, codecs, viewing platforms, and network topologies

• Plug-and-play support for encoders and cameras (fixed or PTZ)

• Low-latency video with high-quality images, including megapixel resolutions

• Simultaneous support for Motion JPEG, MPEG-4, and H.264

• Scalability for sites, cameras, viewers, and storage

Flexible archiving features

• Archives at different frame rates, durations, and locations

• Efficient redundant multisite archiving for bandwidth conservation

• Loop- and event-based video recording

• Record-on-motion and clipping capabilities

Sophisticated system tools

• Enhanced diagnostic tools that provide notification and API support for failure of proxies and archives

• Open, published URL-based API that enables mass configuration

• Support for redundant configurations

• Backup utility that supports configurations of devices, archives, events, and PTZ for a quick and easy restore to a secondary server

• Integration with Cisco Physical Access Manager

• Cisco Video Surveillance Operations Manager can import settings from an existing Media Server with a click of a button

System Requirements

Table 1 lists the minimum system requirements for server and client hardware for Cisco Video Surveillance Media Server.

Table 1. Supported Platforms for Cisco Video Surveillance Media Server

Product Name

Part Number

Cisco Physical Security Multiservice Platform; 1-RU


Cisco Physical Security Multiservice Platform; 2-RU


Cisco Multiservice Platform for Video Surveillance; 1-RU


Cisco Multiservice Platform for Video Surveillance; 2-RU


Cisco Multiservice Platform for Video Surveillance; 4-RU


For more information on the supported platforms, please reference the Cisco Physical Security Multiservices Platform.
For information on recommended workstation requirements, please reference the appropriate technical documentation.

Ordering Information

To place an order, visit the Cisco Ordering Home Page. To download software, visit the Cisco Software Center. Table 2 provides additional ordering information.

Table 2. Ordering Information

Product Name

Part Number

Cisco Video Surveillance Media Server 6.3


1 Qty, 3rd Party Stream Connection Feature License for Media Server


1 Qty, Cisco Device Stream Connect License for Media Server


Service and Support

Cisco and our certified partners can help you accelerate success and improve the return on your investment in a Cisco Physical Security solution. The Cisco lifecycle approach to services defines the requisite activities at each phase of the solution lifecycle:

• Reduce deployment costs by identifying the features that will best meet your business requirements.

• Accelerate migration by assessing the readiness of your network to support the system and by developing a sound design.

• Support smooth implementation through effective planning and expert installation, configuration, and integration.

• Increase operational efficiency and extend the value of your investment with award-winning technical support.

For more information about Cisco services, visit

For More Information

For more information about Cisco Video Surveillance Manager and other Cisco Physical Security solutions, visit or contact your account representative.