Payment Security Solutions from Cisco Make it Easier for You to Protect Your Customers by Gaining and Maintaining PCI Compliance.

Payment security is an ongoing challenge for retailers of all sizes. The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS), first introduced in 2004, provides strict guidelines for improving payment security for your customers. But, as every retailer knows, gaining and maintaining PCI compliance is no easy task.

Payment Security Continues to Evolve

Even for retailers who attain total PCI compliance this year, payment security standards will evolve as new threats and technologies emerge. Your most effective PCI strategy is one that prepares you for the future while protecting you today.

Payment security is best achieved with the help of technology partners who can offer you proven best practices for establishing long-term security throughout your retail environment. With the Cisco PCI Solution for Retail, you will find the right technology and the trusted guidance you need to protect your customers' payments.

End-to-End Payment Security

With payment security solutions from Cisco, you can benefit from a scalable, comprehensive, and architectural approach to PCI compliance, with:

  • An architecture recommended by Cisco and based on design guidance and best practices, providing the input you need to enhance payment security throughout your stores
  • A payment security strategy that will be audited and validated by a certified security assessor
  • The extra benefit of first-class technology partners committed to helping you attain long-term payment security

A Payment Security Strategy for Your Future

With the Cisco PCI Solution for Retail, you are making an investment in a multi-service platform and a scalable architecture, keeping your business flexible and responsive to emerging payment security threats. You are also making the first crucial step to help ensure that your customer's valuable credit card information stays private and secure, both now and in the future. Cisco payment security solutions can help you:

  • Gain peace of mind, knowing that you are working with an industry leader in networking and security
  • Get ongoing PCI solution support for payment security challenges
  • Develop a security-conscious store culture, based on best practices for long-term compliance

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