This form should be used to request additional time to return CTMP related trade-in equipment. Trade-In RMA’s start aging after the last piece of new Cisco equipment ships to the Customer/Partner. You may request up to an additional 180 days for a maximum grace period of 360 days. No greater extensions will be considered. Approval is hierarchical and is dependent on the length of the extension requested. Notification of extension approval or denial will be sent via e-mail. RMA Extensions will be considered only for legitimate business justifications and RMA Extension requests for partners/customers under review for suspension from CTMP must be approved by the Area Sales Controller.

Please note that only the purchasing Partner can initiate an extension request with their Cisco AM. End Users cannot request an extension. End Users should contact the Bill To Partner to initiate an extension request.

It is the responsibility of the Cisco AM to make sure that all required approvals and completed template are sent to Customer Service at:

Subject line of email: expiration date change request

Approval hierarchy is as follows:

Date from Expiration Date 1st request approvers 2nd request approvers
0-89 days Regional Manager Sales Finance Controller/(EMEA) Country Managers
90+ days Regional Manager and Sales Finance Controller/(EMEA) Country Managers Sales Finance Controller/(EMEA) Country Managers

Any 2nd extension goes directly to the Cisco Controller for approval.

Follow the steps below to submit your request

  • Copy and paste the below information into an e-mail
  • Fill out requested information below:
  • E-mail this request to the indicated party based on who you are:

    Partner & Resellers: Forward this request to your Cisco Account Manager (End Users cannot initiate this request / only Bill To Partners can initiate an extension request)
    Cisco Account Managers: Forward this request to the appropriate person for approval
    Regional Managers: If request is under 89 days, forward your approval to Customer Service. If the request is for 90 days or over, forward your approval to your Controller
    Controllers / EMEA Country Mgr: send your approvals to Customer Service

    If you deny this request, please notify Customer Service and prior parties of your decision
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Customer Name  
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Product(s) Remaining to be Returned  
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