Cisco AppDynamics

Observe, optimize, and secure what matters

Optimize business performance with full-stack observability (FSO) and application performance monitoring (APM) correlated with business metrics.

Deliver exceptional digital experiences

Improve business outcomes

Understand the business consequences of application performance, so you can focus resources on mitigating performance issues that have the greatest impact on business outcomes.

AppDynamics Business Health dashboard

Observe everything, everywhere

Quickly identify and resolve issues before they impact your customers and your business. Improve root-cause analysis and mean time to resolution (MTTR) with real-time visibility across all of your applications and domains.

AppDynamics Checkout Flow Map display

Prioritize, predict, and protect

Quickly identify and resolve issues that matter most to your business. Improve root-cause analysis and mean time to resolution (MTTR). Use AI and machine learning insights to predict and avoid potential issues.

AppDynamics Experience Journey Map display

Full-stack observability

Unify observability for your application ecosystem

Streamline multi-domain troubleshooting to reduce mean time to identify and repair. Simplify operations and reduce tool sprawl.

Monitor performance for SAP

Monitor your SAP landscape to detect changes of performance in real time and quickly find root causes.

Control cloud costs

Gain insights into application efficiency, risk, and cost so that you can optimize resources and reduce excessive cloud spend.  

Explore full-stack observability use cases

Among the cases are digital experience monitoring, cloud cost optimization, SAP performance monitoring, infrastructure and cloud monitoring, network visibility and monitoring, and application security monitoring.

Digital experience monitoring

Find, predict, and quickly resolve performance issues that impact your customers' digital experiences.

Cloud cost optimization

Lower cloud costs while increasing utilization of assets and optimizing resource allocation across workloads.

SAP performance monitoring

Maintain peak SAP performance, from end-user experience to back-end performance, down to the ABAP code level.

List of applications displayed in Cisco Observability Cloud on a desktop monitor

Extend observability with a growing ecosystem of solutions

Apply full-stack observability to use cases and leverage a growing ecosystem of turnkey, modular solutions on Cisco Observability Cloud. Get end-to-end visibility, real-time insights, and recommended actions across domains so you can deliver exceptional application experiences.


Cisco AppDynamics

Maintain optimal application performance, resilience, and security with real-time full-stack observability. Understand how application performance impacts business outcomes, so you can focus on what matters and invest in what moves the needle.