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Strategy, Incubation, and Applications

See more ways to solve more. Accelerate your digital transformation, build greater business impact and deliver always-on, secure, and flawless application experiences with the latest innovations from Cisco Full-Stack Observability and Outshift by Cisco.

Liz Centoni, EVP, Chief Strategy Officer and GM Applications

Driving digital experience with innovative observability solutions

Liz Centoni, EVP, Chief Strategy Officer and GM Applications, shares how observability is shaping boardroom decisions.

The latest on Cisco Full-Stack Observability and Outshift by Cisco

Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM)

New user experience insights

Discover real user insights for mobile and browser plus troubleshoot with session relay. 

Unified Observability Experience

Log analytics and Core Web Vitals

Get better, cheaper, faster log storage and keep web pages from ranking impacts caused by poor user experience.

eBPF-based network observability

Kubernetes workload observability

Benefit from granular visibility into network activity, resource utilization, file access, and more at the kernel level. 

AIOps for Cisco Full-Stack Observability

AIOps automation

Intelligently automate and resolve IT issues in real time – with a single click.

Context-aware GenAI

AI protection and AI assistant

Guard GenAI-based apps and query, sort, and get more context on your risks with natural language Q&A.

Data Security Posture Management Observability (DSPMO)

Context-driven security posture

Safeguard data with context-driven discovery, classification, policy definition and compliance visibility. 

GenAI journey support

Control data and cost for GenAI

Unlock deep visibility and get insights into operational and business metrics for GenAI applications.

Data Risk Discovery and Governance

Attack paths enhanced by comprehensive data discovery

Identify and prioritize attack paths that include data stores with sensitive information.

Natural language Interface

GenAI-powered troubleshooting

Troubleshoot across the Cisco Full-Stack Observability portfolio with natural language interface.  

Executive Blogs

Bringing our Industry-Leading Innovation to Cisco Live EMEA

Ronak Desai, SVP, GM of CIsco AppDynamics and Full-Stack Observability shares how we are building on the Cisco Observability Platform's capabilities with our latest announcements at Cisco Live EMEA.

Unlock Rapid, Trusted Delivery of Generative AI Applications

Vijoy Pandey, SVP Outshift by Cisco introduces Motific, its first SaaS product for rapid and trusted delivery of GenAI applications, empowering central IT and security teams.

SI&A at Cisco Live EMEA

Learn how Cisco helps you harness observability, innovation and AI-powered capabilities for your technological transformation, letting you work faster, smarter and safer. Create a free account and login to watch the on-demand sessions.

Opening Keynote: Let's Go

Access infinite possibilities by harnessing the power of AI. Hear game-changing technology announcements and innovations, the latest solutions and a unified experience for our customers with AI-driven capabilities.

Delivering and Securing Exceptional Digital Experiences for Your Business

Hear how HSBC can monitor customer digital experiences and hybrid applications, observe business risks, and manage costs with our Full-Stack Observability solutions, plus hear the latest FSO advancements.

Is Your Organization AI-Ready? How To Manage, Secure, and Scale AI-Powered Technologies

Just 14% of companies are fully ready to integrate AI, according to our Readiness Index. Learn how Cisco is approaching AI security, collaboration, observability and services management, to deliver impactful GenAI solutions.

The Next Frontier for Full-Stack Observability

Learn how teams can break down silos and work collaboratively to solve pressing issues, and how technologists can address the new challenges presented by technologies like GenAI, in support of secure, optimal experiences.

Unleashing Innovation: Introducing Outshift by Cisco

Get inspired with a showcase of cutting-edge technology solutions to business and social challenges, from Cisco’s innovation engine. This session focuses on our thought leadership in cloud native, GenAI, and quantum. 

Application Security in the Cloud Native World

As applications transition to the cloud, we need to re-think security. Learn how Cisco’s arsenal helps secure modern application pipelines and runtimes as well as underlying cloud native technologies and cloud infrastructure. 

Full-Stack Observability: The HOW!

Cisco's focus is on Full Stack Observability with business context. In this session, learn what that means, how it works and how it helps operations teams via our end-to-end observability approach and deliverables.

Reimagine Digital Experience Monitoring

Uncover how Cisco Digital Experience Monitoring fast-tracks root cause analysis and optimizes overall digital performance, allowing you to guarantee seamless, top-notch user experiences throughout vital business processes. 

How to Leverage Generative AI to Protect Your Cloud Applications

Prioritization via attack-path analysis — as Panoptica allows — is essential to security teams inundated with risky configurations, but they need help with what makes a path risky. Learn how GenAI can strengthen security postures.

Cisco AIOps – Design, Deployment and Cisco on Cisco story

New to Cisco Observability Platform, AIOps unifies data from infrastructure monitoring tools. Learn how it simplifies real-time business health monitoring, and reduces noise from events and alerts to automate IT processes.

New Partner Modules

Cisco Observability Platform is spawning a new and expanding observability ecosystem. Open, extensible and API-driven, it empowers users and development partners to build and deliver modules to achieve observability goals.

SoftServe – Intelligence for Oil and Gas

Gain visibility over assets, network equipment, applications, communication health of sensors and devices used in oil and gas production.

PerformIT – AS400 Monitoring

Visualize real-time host performance through interactive dashboards, unified analysis, metrics, and events. 

CloudFabrix – Asset Intelligence

Track asset inventory, change management, capacity utilization, lifecycle analytics (EoS/EoL), and license management. 

CloudFabrix – Operational Intelligence

Consolidate multiple cross-domain tools and noise reduction with incident management for observability and event correlation.  

CloudFabrix – Infrastructure Observability

Achieve a single pane of glass for computing, virtualization, networking, and storage infrastructure.    

PerformIT – i4Cube Business Performance Monitoring

Get complete observability for the manufacturing industry powered by i4Cube solutions. 

Komodor – Kubernetes Change Management

Enrich Kubernetes data with change intelligence to provide additional context and insights to application owners.   

Aporia – Machine Learning Observability

Obtain insights into model performance and infrastructure performance with a single pane of glass for the IT team.