Cisco CallManager Serviceability Administration Guide, Release 3.2
Q.931 Translator

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Q.931 Translator

Using the Message Translator

Q.931 Translator

This chapter provides a description of how to use the message translator and contains the following topic:

Using the Message Translator

Cisco CallManager generates ISDN trace files, which can be used to diagnose and troubleshoot connectivity problems in Cisco CallManager installations. The log files contain Q.931 type messages (ISDN Layer 3 protocol).

Using the message translator tool, Cisco Support Engineers translate your incoming debugging information into familiar Cisco IOS-equivalent messages.

The message translator works by filtering incoming data from Cisco CallManager system diagnostic interface (SDI) log files, then parsing and translating them into Cisco IOS-equivalent messages. Message translator supports XML and text files.

Using the Message Translator

This section describes how to use the message translator to locate the SDI log file and save it as an IOS format file.


Step 1 From the Cisco CallManager Administration window, choose Application > Cisco CallManager Serviceability.

The Cisco CallManager Serviceability window displays.

Step 2 Choose Trace > Q931 Translator.

The Q931 Translator window displays.

Step 3 Choose the Cisco CallManager server for which you want to translate Q.931 messages.

Step 4 To choose an XML trace file format, click the XML button or, to choose a Text trace file format, click the Text button.

Step 5 If you want to search for a particular trace file, enter the file name in the Search For field.

Step 6 To begin the search, click the List Files button.

The trace files with the selected criteria display. The window displays a list of all files for the server and the format you chose. The filename, size, and last modified date of each file displays.

Step 7 Double-click the filename for which you want the Q931 message translation.

The Q931 Translation window displays.

If the trace file that you chose does not have any ISDN messages in it, the error message, No ISDN Messages in the File, displays.

If the trace file that you chose does have ISDN messages in it, the Q931 translation page contains the following fields: ISDN Message Text and IOS Translation. ISDN Message Text displays all the ISDN messages in the trace file. IOS Translation displays the translated message of the selected ISDN message from the ISDN Message Text list box.

Step 8 Choose the ISDN message to be translated.

The IOS translation text changes based on the chosen ISDN message.

Step 9 To save the IOS translated messages for the ISDN messages, click the IOS Format link.

A file save dialog window displays; save the file.

Step 10 To return to the Q931 file search window, click the Back to List Trace Files link.

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