Bulk Administration Tool User Guide, Release 4.1(1)

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Installing BAT

Uninstalling BAT


This chapter provides information about installing and uninstalling BAT. BAT must be installed on the same server as the Publisher database for Cisco CallManager. During BAT installation or reinstallation, the setup program halts the following services:

IIS Admin

World Wide Web publishing

FTP publishing

These services automatically restart once the installation is complete.

Also, this chapter includes the uninstall procedure.

See Installing TAPS, for instructions on installing the Tool for Auto-Registered Phones Support (TAPS).

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Installing TAPS

Installing BAT

The BAT installation process includes BAT Excel template files that are located in the BAT\Excel template folder. Because you are unlikely to have Microsoft Excel installed on the Publisher database server, copy and paste these templates where you have Microsoft Excel installed and use the templates from that location.


Follow these steps to install BAT:

Step 1 Log on to the system with administrator privileges.

Step 2 Double click on the file BulkAdministrationTool.exe.

Step 3 If you are reinstalling BAT, a dialog box displays the question
Do you want to reinstall BAT?
Click Yes to reinstall BAT.
Click No to exit the installation.

Step 4 Within the setup, click Next.

Step 5 The Choose Destination Folder dialog box displays.
Click Next to install the default destination folder C:\CiscoWebs\BAT.
To install into another folder, click Browse and select the required path.

Step 6 Click OK.

Step 7 Click Next.

Step 8 The installer displays a summary of your selections.
Click Next to continue.
Click Back to change your selections.

Step 9 Click OK. Display returns:
"Do you wish to install Tool for Auto-Registered Phones Support?"

Step 10 Click Yes or No to indicate whether you want to install TAPS, the Tool for Auto-Registered Phones Support. TAPS allows you to bulk-add phones using dummy MAC addresses. You can later update the phones by dialing a TAPS directory number. The configuration for the phone is downloaded to the phone, and the MAC address is updated seamlessly in Cisco CallManager. See Using TAPS, for more information.

Step 11 If you select "Yes," BAT will install TAPS on Cisco CallManager and will prompt you to run "BAT-TAPS-ffr.4-1-1.exe" on IP IVR/IP AA server. See Installing TAPS, for instructions.

Step 12 Click Finish once the installation process completes.

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Uninstalling BAT

Uninstalling BAT

Running the uninstall program for BAT removes the BAT application and BAT files in the BAT\Excel template folder but does not remove any CSV files or BAT templates that you created and saved to the C:\BATFiles folder.

Perform the following steps to uninstall BAT.

Step 1 Click Start > Programs > Cisco CallManager 3.0 > Bulk Admin Tool > UnInstall BAT.

A dialog box displays "Are you sure you want to completely remove BAT and all of its components?"

Step 2 Click Yes to uninstall BAT or No to exit the uninstaller.

A dialog box displays "Uninstall successfully completed." Continue to Step 3.

Step 3 Click OK.

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