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Toyota Research and Development Center in Thailand steps on another level of global network communication with IBM’s IP Communication Solution

Toyota Technical Center Asia Pacific (Thailand) Company Limited, a Research and Development base for Toyota in Asia Pacific region, has officially opened since May 11, 2005. The center was established in response to the needs of the region’s automotive market that is increasingly complicated. This R&D center plays an important role in supporting the Toyota Motor Corporation in designing and modifying vehicle and component parts that have been developed from Japan to meet demands in the Asian market. The Toyota Technical Center Asia Pacific (Thailand) aims ultimately at becoming a true Research and Development Center, providing design, research and development works as well as producing prototype vehicle and component parts for the region

Leveraging New Technology in the Organization

Toyota has a vision to leverage new technology in the organization. This vision of Toyota creates a modern working environment that brings greater convenience and facilitates internal communications. Toyota Technical Center Asia Pacific (Thailand) also sees the importance of building high quality network platform for the exchange of knowledge and skills between different functions within the organization and with their counterparts in Japan.

Subsequent to this particular demand, Toyota Technical Center has implemented Voice over IP (VoIP) technology that enables Toyota to handle data, audio, video and multi-media communications. This technology offers an extended network service from the existing computer network. In comparison with the previous telephony system with PBX solution, using IP telephony is cheaper than the previous one.

Giving Trust to IBM’s VoIP Solution

Toyota has been utilizing both computer LAN and VoIP systems to serve their main essential daily operations such as facilitating internal communications among employees, both within the local office and with those stationed overseas.

“As a part of the organization’s long term plan, Toyota aims to become the design and development center for vehicle and component parts to meet consumers’ demand in Asia. We also have plans to develop skills and knowledge of our engineers, helping them gain expertise in their field. The design of vehicle and components parts is extremely crucial. We must coordinate and correct flaws in the design until the work is perfect and functional. Therefore, a high quality network that offers desired benefits and diversification is needed here.” said Mr. Somsak Nuntatovatana, Vice President, Administrative Department, Toyota Technical Center Asia Pacific (Thailand).

“We have chosen the Voice over IP technology because it allows us to keep our pace with the future growth. IP phone will eventually become our major telephony system. Most important of all, the technology serves our objective of enhancing communications between sites in Thailand and Japan around the design of vehicle and component parts. TTNI, our IT subsidiary company, also chose the solution from IBM and Cisco, which are the perfect partners for implementing the VoIP telephony systems. CISCO is well known for its leading VoIP technology while IBM offers a team of professional for the installation process,” added Mr. Somsak.

This IP Communication is an IBM-Cisco initiative that helps organizations of all sizes integrate and implement converged voice, video and data systems. The service provides customers with a broader and more integrated portfolio of Internet Protocol (IP) Communications solutions from IBM and Cisco, yielding greater potential for cost savings and employee productivity.

IBM is not new to IP-based telephony which is one of the technologies under Converged IP Communications (IPC). IBM itself has invested heavily in IPC not only for its own internal use but also for the clients. IBM has developed, jointly with Cisco, the horizontal and vertical industry solutions. The blending of Cisco’s voice, video and rich-media conference solutions with IBM’s expertise in global services can offer customers a convenient and cost-effective way to reap the benefits of IP Communications.

Together with TT Network Integration Company Limited (TTNI), IBM aims to ensure the service delivery is even better. TTNI is responsible for installing the Voice over IP Solution while IBM Global Service – Integrated Technology Service (IGS-ITS) works as a partner in managing this project and co-designing service provision. This includes providing:

  • System design and consultant service
  • Installation of Voice over IP system by IBM ITS (Integrated Technology Service) professional team.
  • A two-month on-site service at Toyota Center after installation
  • VoIP solution technology from CISCO System both hardware and software

“With IBM’s expertise in Voice over IP from IGS ITS and VoIP solution from CISCO, our customers fully exploit network convergence to accommodate a range of video, audio and multimedia data. Mobility, integration and security are the three key factors which encourage many organizations to develop the VoIP network. For this project, IBM and TTNI are proud to deliver this advanced network technology to Toyota Technical Center Asia Pacific (Thailand), for its greater operational efficiency and flexible procedures which is extremely essential for the operations of the center,” said Mrs. Suphajee Suthumpun, Country General Manager, IBM Thailand Company Limited.

About Toyota Technical Center Asia Pacific (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Toyota Technical Center Asia Pacific (Thailand) Co., Ltd., the Research and Development base for Toyota, has officially opened since 11th May 2005. It plays an important role in supporting Toyota Motor Corporation in designing and modifying vehicle and component parts that have been developed from Japan to meet customers’ demand in Asia market. Under an investment of 2.7 Billion Baht, the center was built on an area of 320,000 square meters, located on Bang-na Trad Road KM. 29.5, in Samutprakan Province. Currently, it employs a total of 290 employees.


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