Investing in Brazil’s Future

You hear a lot about Cisco’s support of the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

But we’ve been investing in Brazil for nearly 20 years—long before the Games were awarded to Rio de Janeiro. And we’ll be there long after the Games are over.

Below are some of the areas in which we are investing in Brazil:

- Education — Since launching the Networking Academy there in 1998, approximately 115,000 Brazilians have gained critical knowledge and skills needed to compete—and help Brazil compete—in an ever advancing global market. This year, more than 560 instructors in 315 academies will help another 25,000 students build a more connected Brazil.

- Manufacturing — Brazil remains home to the production of our UCS servers—one of our flagship data center products. In addition, our I-Prize connects Brazilian entrepreneurs so they can develop new ideas and promote new business growth.

- Smart Cities — We are setting up advanced connections in Rio that will help the city become “smarter,” opening communication capabilities and even improving transportation and access to healthcare. The successful strategies deployed in there can be duplicated in other cities across Brazil.

- Development of high-performance sports — We are providing the network and collaboration infrastructure to connect and integrate the Brazilian Olympic Committee (BOC) with Sports Federations and Training Centers. This platform will enable better training and preparation to Team Brazil and will be the BOC Command Center during the Games."