Innovation at Cisco means thousands of employees, customers and partners coming together to change the way we work, live, play and learn.

This is digitization, powered by the Internet of Things (IoT).

We're ready. Are you?

The Innovation Center

Do you want to transform your business and create a true competitive advantage? Cisco’s Innovation Center Rio de Janeiro is ready to help your organization disrupt the status quo, by co-innovating digitization solutions for today and the future.

Who are we?  We are a multidisciplinary team with a robust infrastructure. We work with partners in Brazil and Latin America to develop complete solutions using design thinking principles and rapid proto-typing processes aligned to solid business models. If you can dream it, let’s create it together!

Our world-class immersive environment demonstrates how digitization and the Internet of Things can transform public and private organization’s business outcomes.

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State-of-the-art lab / data center
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Solutions Demonstrations

Co-developing solutions with customers and partners

We believe innovation happens when we co-create with our customers and partners, using the best technology, talent and processes available.

Do you have an idea or a problem which needs a disruptive approach?  Cisco’s Innovation Center Rio de Janeiro can quickly break down barriers to help you solve your toughest business challenges.

Reinventing the corporate venture model

Cisco is reinventing the corporate venture cooperation model. We are bringing together startups and other entrepreneur ecosystems with Cisco and its customers.

What’s in it for you? For startups and entrepreneurs, we help you leverage Cisco’s technologies, and get your solutions to market quickly, and to a broader set of markets. For our customers, this helps them adopt innovative solutions sooner and benefit from improved business outcomes.

Cisco's Rio de Janeiro Innovation Center provides technology, working space, collaboration and mentorship for customers, partners and startups.

Enabling development of solutions on Cisco’s platform

The Innovation Center works closely with developers, IT professionals and companies who want to integrate their solutions with Cisco’s IoT platform and other technologies.

Cisco’s DevNet and Solution Partner Programs provide comprehensive tools to create applications that leverage Cisco’s technologies and create differentiation.

We enable developer and entrepreneur communities, as well as small and large companies, to create new markets opportunities and accelerate digital transformation.

Digitizing the city of Rio and Porto Maravilha

The Urban Innovation Legacy Project, a partnership between Cisco and the City of Rio de Janeiro, will help transform the Porto Maravilha region into a smarter and more human neighborhood.

By deploying a Connected Urban Platform, Cisco is also helping transform the Porto Maravilha region into an innovation and creative industry hub, which fosters social entrepreneurship.

Porto Maravilha will become a living lab for the City and provide our customers and partners the opportunity to experience digitization and IoT solutions in a tangible way.

Discover Cisco’s Urban Innovation Legacy project at Porto Maravilha.

Learn more about Cisco’s Rio 2016 program.


The Cisco Innovation Center in Rio has co-innovated solutions with more than 50 partners since our opening in 2013. Our partner ecosystem includes startups, research institutes and innovators from the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Cisco DevNet and reseller communities.

Do you have a disruptive technology or business model that harnesses the power of the intelligent network?
We want to hear from you.

View the full list of the Rio de Janeiro Innovation Center solutions and partners.


The Cisco Innovation Center is located in the heart of Rio de Janeiro.

Cisco Innovation Center Rio de Janeiro
Av. Presidente Vargas, 1001 – 12o andar
Centro – Rio de Janeiro – RJ – CEP 20071–004
Tel: +55-21-2483-7177

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