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Cisco Connect 2019

Reinvent your network

Our intent-based networking platform is designed to be intelligent, highly secure, powered by intent and informed by context - features aiming to constantly learn, adapt, automate, and protect to optimize network operations and defend against an evolving cyberthreat landscape

Time Sessions Speakers Presentations Synopsis
1.00PM - 1.50PM Cisco SD-WAN: Unrivaled Flexibility and Security at the Edge Mr. Rajinder Singh,
Product Sales Specialist,
Cisco APJ
Download PDF The evolving enterprise network means traditional approaches to WAN architecture cannot meet the increasing demands placed on IT. A new approach is required that can accommodate the need for rapid and consistent service delivery, application aware performance management, delivery of cloud alongside on-premise applications, and the growing requirements for secure network-wide segmentation. What’s needed is integrated security features such as Firewall with Application Awareness, Intrusion Prevention, URL-Filtering and DNS/Web-Layer protection into SD-WAN and a single pane of glass for provisioning, managing, monitoring, reporting and troubleshooting. This session will provide an introduction to the Cisco Next-Gen SD-WAN architecture and integrated security solution, a cloud delivered network fabric that is secure, scalable, open and simple to deploy. Cisco SD-WAN enables an enterprise to extend its network footprint to all infrastructure elements using a single platform. This includes branches, campus, remote sites, cloud and data center; incorporating any WAN transport type (Internet/MPLS/LTE).
1.50PM - 2.40PM Embracing Wi-Fi 6 for Performance and Efficiency Mr. Doan Nguyen Lam,
Technical Solutions Architect,
Cisco Vietnam
Download PDF Cisco DNA Center and Intent Based Networking changes the way we design and deploy networks through Automation and Assurance, and delivers business value through Analytics.
The Catalyst 9000 family now expands into Wireless! This session will explore the capabilities of the recently released Catalyst 9800 Wireless Controller, which delivers high availability and scalability made possible by the Catalyst platform. The Catalyst 9800 enables new levels of flexibility, can be deployed as a traditional appliance, embedded in a Catalyst 9300 switch, or as a virtual machine in your own private cloud, or in the public cloud on Amazon Web Services. Find out how the Catalyst 9800 platform will provide the foundation for mobility in your business and next-generation wireless with the emergence of Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax).
Also, introducing Cisco DNA Spaces, a new Cloud-based platform which enables the digitisation of the people and things across the physical spaces of your business. Learn how Cisco DNA Spaces enables new solutions to drive digital transformation relevant to your organisation.
2.40PM - 3.00PM Tea-break and World of Solutions
3.00PM - 3.55PM Delivering Network Automation and Assurance with Cisco DNA Center. Cisco DNA Case Study. Mr. Sanjay Kundnani,
Product Sales Specialist,
Cisco APJ

Mr. Jayvee Borja,
Product Sales Specialist,
Cisco APJ
Download PDF Concerned with the excessive amount of time and money you currently spend on troubleshooting and solving network issues? Overwhelmed by the number of messages coming from your network devices? Attend this session to learn about the main concepts, architectures and technologies of Cisco DNA Analytics and Assurance.
Analytics allows you to tame the flood of data your network is generating, and transform this flow of data into meaningful information, displayed as actionable-insights, to allow for faster issue identification, root-cause analysis, guided troubleshooting and ultimately, self-remediation.
Automatically identify the root causes of wireless issues, like authentication, RF, on-boarding, roaming, sticky clients and much more. See how to identify whether the user issue is really a wireless, application or other network infrastructure issue, and determine whether the application issues are on the network or server side.
3.55PM - 4.40PM Next Generation Cloud Managed Solutions, Simply Managed by Meraki Mr. Nguyen Ha An,
Technical Solutions Architect,
Cisco Vietnam

Mr. Jeffrey Chua,
Consulting Systems Engineer,
Cisco Meraki
Download PDF Meraki prides itself on keeping IT simple, even when the industry is innovating at a very fast pace. Come see the latest product and cloud managed solutions, including routing, switching, wireless, security, analytics and API’s. See how Meraki’s next generation physical security cameras now include IOT sensor and analytics capabilities to support your business objectives. Hear how Meraki’s API First development strategy has accelerated cross architecture integration as well offered our customers and partners an open platform for increase automation and solution development.
4.40PM - 5.00PM Closing and Lucky Draw

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