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Transforming life sciences from R&D to population health


Imagine a new life-changing drug or medical device in development.

Researchers seamlessly engage with clinical trial participants, expanding their reach within a specific population and around the world. Wi-Fi and sensors connect the factory to a cohesive data infrastructure that dramatically improves operational efficiency and workflows, while making it safer and more secure.

Is this how your organization works? It can.

When innovative experiences are driven by data, life sciences organizations can design new and creative treatments.

And it all starts with the network. The ability to sense and understand everything happening across applications, users, and devices makes a difference. The impact is huge when it comes to personalizing clinical trial engagement, streamlining research workflows, reducing R&D time, and protecting intellectual property—all while remaining in compliance with regulations. So you can focus on what matters: creating better ways to heal.

Read on to learn what’s at stake and how Cisco is helping four life sciences organizations today.

Value from idea to patient care

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Research and development

Equip researchers to accelerate innovation by sharing knowledge quickly and securely. Facilitate drug discovery and make more informed, data-driven decisions.

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Security and compliance

Today’s researchers have the ability to turn petabytes of information into meaningful discoveries. Secure their intellectual property and sensitive data by enhancing security for messages, video, voice, research data, and production.

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IT operations and processes

Ensure exceptional experiences on applications that power advanced research and save time and resources with automation, connected machines, and data insights—from the lab to supply chain to factory.

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Sales and marketing

The historical pharma marketing model—human to human, pharma to provider—is becoming obsolete. Educate sales teams, enable sales-customer interactions, and give customers self-service capabilities.