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Secure the future of healthcare

Save time and resources with the Cisco Secure portfolio--an integrated security platform for tomorrow.

The Total Economic Impact of Cisco SecureX

Read the full study to learn how utilizing an integrated approach can help your healthcare organization save half a million dollars over three years.

Patient privacy knows no “next time”

Many healthcare providers see cybersecurity and privacy as the largest barrier to implementing digital strategies.1

The disconnect in healthcare security


76 percent of healthcare providers report experiencing a significant security threat in the past 12 months.2


Yet only 37 percent of healthcare organizations report conducting comprehensive, end-to-end security assessments in 2019--up from just 26 percent in 2018.3


Cyberattacks continue to spike. Between February and March 2020, ransomware attacks targeting hospitals increased by 60 percent.4

Prepare for tomorrow with tools for today

Cisco SecureX is a cloud-native platform experience integrated inside Cisco’s portfolio, providing an open, visible, and unified approach to maximize operational efficiency and secure your network, endpoints, cloud, and applications.

SecureX unlocks value for your organization

Integrated and open for simplicity

Simplify your existing ecosystem with a platform that is interoperable with third-party solutions.

Unified in one location for visibility

Accelerate time to detect and investigate threats while maintaining contextual awareness.

Maximized operational efficiency

Speed remediation time and automate your workflows to lower costs and strengthen security.

How SecureX drives healthcare forward

Decrease dwell time

Take the guessing game out of the hunt for threats by eliminating investigation tasks by 72 percent.

Save significant effort

Orchestrating and automating security across SecOps, NetOps, and ITOps teams saves 100 hours on average--make collaboration easy.

Enjoy benefits quickly

Get started--reduce costs and secure your healthcare organization’s future.

A bright, secure future awaits

Think forward and innovate for the future by securing your healthcare organization today with a simple, easy-to-use platform like Cisco SecureX.

1 Top Health Industry Issues of 2020: Will Digital Start to Show an ROI?, PwC Health Research Institute, December 2019.

2 2019 HIMSS Cybersecurity Survey, Section 3: Findings 1.1, Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, March 2019.

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4 "Four Healthcare Security Lessons Learned During the Initial COVID-19 surge," Security Magazine, August 10, 2020.