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Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Locator icon Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Employees icon 5,200 employees

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) provides pediatric health care and helps patients more than 528,000 times a year in settings designed just for their needs. As one for the first hospitals in the world to try intent-based networking, this smarter way of working will let the network do the tough job of setting up new machines on its own—reducing the workload of IT staff. Profiling devices and ensuring they are secure is top of mind.

  • Configuring growing number of connected medical devices
  • Profile and secure connected devices
  • Intelligently identifying devices as they are brought on to the network and determining which security profile they should have with DNA Center and SD-Access
  • End-to-end Cisco solution recommendations for hospital’s executives by working with Cisco Advanced Services
  • Quickly and effectively defined policies, which has cut out manual effort to analyze devices and determine where they go
  • Ability to adapt and keep up with explosion of new devices

With the new network, bring whatever you want to bring. We’ll have that level of confidence that we will be able to create those profiles and those understandings of any device.”

“Children’s Hospital really wants to ensure that we move the needle on technology. This isn’t early adoption. We finally have solutions that will meet our needs.”

Troy Veilleux
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

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