A smart campus for government

A smart campus for government


Say hello to healthy, secure, and intuitive hybrid environments.

By connecting your facilities and leveraging their data, you can create hybrid campus environments that maximize resource usage, enable secure information sharing across departments, and improve user health and safety.

Smart campus technologies can also help you increase resiliency, which is key to enabling continuity of government in times of stress.

Embed resilience

Design a flexible and trusted workplace that adapts to meet user needs as they change.

  • Scale campus
    Scale campus spaces and the network based on utilization
  • Provide device support
    Provide device support and connectivity anywhere 24/7
  • Reduce electrical
    Reduce electric materials cost by 30% with UPOE+
  • Offer home-like
    Offer secure access for remote and hybrid workers
Discover Wireless

Save and simplify

Make life a bit easier and save some money as you do. Automate and simplify operations with Cisco DNA Center and Cisco Edge Intelligence.

  • Autoregulate classroom
    Autoregulate individual room temperatures, lighting, and occupancy
  • Automatically apply
    Apply access policies automatically
  • Improve network reliability
    Improve network reliability and performance
  • Simplify oversight
    Simplify oversight with one management system
  • Automatically segment
    Automatically segment and secure user devices
Explore the Smart Campus

Stay healthy.

Put the health and safety of users first with Cisco DNA Spaces.

  • Smart spaces
    Create intuitive spaces that adjust to optimize occupant wellness
  • Deliver proximity
    Deliver proximity and density monitoring across facilities
  • Gain insights
    Gain insights into user health and retention with mobile data
  • Support health measures
    Support health mandates using location services and analytics
Prioritize Health and Safety

Secure spaces and data

Create secure physical and virtual environments for all users without interrupting daily routines with Cisco Stealthwatch and Cisco Umbrella.

  • Detect network traffic
    Detect anomalies in network traffic and user behaviors
  • Extend data protections
    Extend data monitoring and protection to all devices connecting to your network
  • Mine data-driven
    Gather data-driven security insights based on behavior
  • Enable a sense
    Enable a sense of security and openness across campuses
Secure Your Facilities

Smart. Hybrid. Resilient.

Create your hybrid campus today with Cisco Smart
Campus solutions.