“Our development time halved...then halved again.”

— Andy Whittaker, Chairman and founder of Dogwoof, from DigMedRev Blog discussing Dogwoof properties using Cisco Eos.

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Achieving Faster Development Time & Infrastructure to Scale

How M&E Companies are Taking Advantage of the Power of Eos

This quarterly update keeps you informed on how Cisco Media Solutions Group answers the challenges companies like yours face.

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Customer Story: Allowing Advocates of Social Causes to 'Continue the Conversation' Online

Andy Whittaker, Chariman and founder of Dogwoof, talks with Cisco about how Cisco Eos enables faster development time, increases in audience engagement and more. Read More.

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Cisco Eos in the News

Elektra Celebrates 60th Anniversary With Launch Of Unique, Interactive Website. View Website.

Innovative timeline charts history of visionary Label, Provides Portal Into Content-Rich Web Experience. See press release.

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Jack's Back! Check Out the New Video Vignettes

For a better understanding of what Cisco Eos can do for you, see our new set of videos from the point of view of "Jack", the Chief Digital Officer, "Kris", a Community Manager, and "Maya", an end user. In these 1:30-3:00 min videos, learn how Cisco Eos brings value and rich experiences to these typical roles within a media company. See Videos.

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The Cisco Eos® Platform

Cisco Eos is a hosted software platform that enables Media & Entertainment companies to more economically deliver and effectively monetize social entertainment experiences built around their branded content. Built to scale, Eos supports all entertainment genres, thousands of customized sites, and millions of users. The platform brings together social networking, site administration, content management and audience analytics features on a robust and secure hosting infrastructure. Eos offers everything media companies need to create, manage and monetize online communities. Eos-powered sites combine high-quality professional content with user generated interactions to create unique and engaging entertainment experiences built around the media companies' brands.

Click here to view the Cisco Eos Platform Datasheet

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Differentiator: Infrastructure Scalability, Cisco Eos working with the Cisco Unified Computing System

One of the most important differentiators of the Eos platform is its ability to scale. To create engaging audience experiences, the application needs to deliver hundreds of websites to millions of audience members at any given time. Whether site visitors are watching videos or engaging with the London 2010 Olympic mascots, the infrastructure must deliver every time.

Less than one year after launching, CMSG upgraded the Eos hosting infrastructure to the Cisco Unified Computing System™ (UCS) and Data Center 3.0 architecture for a more scalable, resilient, and efficient infrastructure.

As a result, Cisco Eos is able to dynamically scale its capacity to meet the global demand media and entertainment companies are generating from their online content portfolios.

The image below depicts a scenario where a Cisco Eos-powered site is hit with an unusually high traffic surge, like the one described in the Customer Case Study: "Future-Ready Infrastructure Powers Premium Entertainment Experience.

There are three mechanisms available to restrict traffic to a Cisco Eos site from adversely affecting or interrupting operation of other sites:

  • Servers can be quickly provisioned to handle planned or unplanned increase in sites(s) traffic. Since all equipment is Cisco owned we pre-deploy extra equipment in anticipation of traffic spikes.
  • The server infrastructure can be logically partitioned to serve site-specific traffic from a particular partition only. Cisco Eos is a multi-tenant cloud, and sites, content, and data are partitioned for each customer of the service.
  • Full Cache Mode converts a site from one that accepts logins and interactive transactions, to one that is static and fully cacheable at Content Delivery Network (CDN) and client browser. This is a temporary fail safe that is used only in situations where the system cannot dynamically scale to a given traffic spike.

These mechanisms, in addition to the robust, UCS-based infrastructure, ensures a smooth user experience as media companies continue to increase their user base and business on Eos. Read how the Cisco Unified Computing System and the Cisco Eos platform were able to handle large traffic spikes originated by our customers: Customer Case Study: "Future-Ready Infrastructure Powers Premium Entertainment Experience."

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Cisco Media Solutions Group (CMSG) is a specialized business unit focused on the unique challenges Media & Entertainment Companies face in engaging and monetizing online audiences.

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